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Obama Begins Defense of Immigration Plan
President Barack Obama was welcomed on Friday with cries of “Si se puede” (Yes We Can!) after announcing a set of executive measures that could shield some 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 11/25/2014   VenEconomy: New Antitrust Law fosters Unfair Competition in Venezuela
 11/25/2014   VenEconomía: Competencia Injusta
 11/25/2014   TalCual: An Anti-Corruption Police Force in Venezuela? Really?
 11/24/2014   VenEconomy: Destroying Venezuela's IVIC is No Rocket Science
 11/24/2014   VenEconomía: Ahora la Vara Destructora Va por la Ciencia
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 11/25/2014   Colombia’s FARC Rebels Hand Over 2 Prisoners to Red Cross
 11/25/2014   Colombian President and Senior Chinese Official Discuss Ties
 11/25/2014   Colombian Church Asks Non-Interference in Freeing of Abductees
 11/24/2014   Colombia’s FARC Ready to Free Captured Soldiers
 11/24/2014   Colombian Government Only Has Data on Release of 2 Soldiers
 11/25/2014   Peña Nieto Says Mexico Cannot Permit Violence Against Women
 11/25/2014   Argentine Specialists Identify 3 More Bodies Found in Southern Mexico
 11/25/2014   FDI Falls 46% in Mexico, Government Says
 11/25/2014   Group Continues Search for Missing Students in Southern Mexico
 11/25/2014   Missing Case Forces Mexican President to Make “Important Announcement”
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 11/25/2014   SkyWest Inc. Increases Order from Brazil’s Embraer to 47 Planes
 11/25/2014   Tax-Fraud Ring Costs Brazilian Treasury $400 Million
 11/24/2014   Brazilian Consumer Confidence Index Hits Lowest Level Since 2008
 11/24/2014   Analysts Trim Brazil Economic Growth Estimate to 0.20%
 11/24/2014   Brazil’s Auto Customizing Market Hits $3.1 Billion
 11/25/2014   Estela de Carlotto: Love Helps to Heal Children’s Wounds
 11/24/2014   32 Inmates Escape from Jail in Central Argentina
 11/22/2014   Fitch Cuts IMPSA, WPEI, and Venti to Default
 11/21/2014   Argentine Senators Accused of Sedition in Battle over High Court
 11/21/2014   Documents Expose Diplomatic Deals Between Cuba, Argentine Junta
 11/25/2014   Bolivian Authorities Seize Huge Load of Contraband Fuel Bound for Chile
 11/24/2014   Eight Dead in Bolivia Bus Crash
 11/21/2014   Bolivian: Gender Violence Not Increasing, Just Better Reported
 11/19/2014   Bolivia, France Sign Accords on Nuclear Energy, Lithium
 11/18/2014   Bolivia Confirms Meeting of G77 Energy Ministers for Late November
 11/26/2014   US Sends Congratulations on Suriname’s 39th Independence Day
 11/25/2014   Puerto Rico to Create Commission to Prevent and Deal with Violence vs. Women
 11/25/2014   President Ramotar Seen as Candidate for Re-Election in Guyana
 11/25/2014   Bahamas Expects to Implement National Health Insurance in 2016
 11/25/2014   Taiwan Provides $6.7 Million for Infrastructure in St. Lucia
  Central America
 11/25/2014   Hundreds March in Costa Rica for Social Change and Against Violence vs. Women
 11/25/2014   Four Miners Killed in Nicaragua Mine Collapse
 11/25/2014   Corrupt Ex-Salvadorian President under House Arrest Again
 11/24/2014   Guatemala Congress Chief Swears in High Court Justices
 11/24/2014   Central America Has 45% Housing Shortage
 11/25/2014   Multinational Introduces Advanced Mobile App with Prepayment Option in Chile
 11/24/2014   Two Hurt in Attack on Police Station in Chile
 11/23/2014   Thousands Protest in Chile in Favor of Constitutional Assembly
 11/21/2014   Two Chilean Colonels Sentenced for Death of Michelle Bachelet’s Father
 11/21/2014   Fire in Chile Leaves Two Missing and More Than 200 Affected
 11/25/2014   Garcia-Margallo Asks Cuba to Let Ex-Political Prisoners Travel to Island
 11/25/2014   Cuba Sells Medicines and Health Technology to More Than 50 Countries
 11/24/2014   Spanish Foreign Minister: Visit to Cuba Is Going “Well”
 11/24/2014   John Hemingway Says U.S. Should Pursue Closer Relations with Cuba
 11/23/2014   Spain to Relay “Very Concrete Messages” from U.S. to Cuba, Daily Reports
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 11/17/2014   Iranian Nobel Laureate to Inaugurate UNESCO Chair at University of Ecuador
 11/14/2014   Panama Sends Fugitive Ecuadorian Politician Back to Quito
 11/10/2014   Ecuador Police Seize 1.8 Tons of Cocaine Headed for Mexico
 11/9/2014   Experts to Ecuador to Analyze Importance of Technological Innovation
 11/8/2014   At Least 15 Die in Ecuador Bus Accident
 11/24/2014   British Teachers to Help Improve English Instruction in Peru
 11/23/2014   Bolivian Plane Carrying Drugs Crashes in Central Peru
 11/21/2014   Rediscovered Effigy Inspires Peru Indians to Resist Deforestation
 11/18/2014   Widows of Murdered Tribal Leaders in Peru Unable to Return to Their Homes
 11/17/2014   Peru’s GDP Rose 2.68% in September
 11/24/2014   Uruguay’s Mujica Expresses Support for Mexican Government after Diplomatic Flap
 11/14/2014   Uruguay’s Mujica Says He Won’t Sell Famous VW Beetle
 11/14/2014   Uruguay Teen Was Raped, Beheaded by Sister’s Boyfriend, Police Say
 11/11/2014   Uruguay’s President Inaugurates Clinic in Prison Where He Was Tortured
 11/6/2014   WHO Supports Uruguay in Legal Battle with Philip Morris
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 11/25/2014   Latin America Must Modernize Port Legislation, Experts Say
 11/25/2014   Inter-American Electoral Authorities Meet in Peru
 11/21/2014   Latin American Entrepreneurs Gather in Medellin, Colombia
 11/21/2014   Summit in Veracruz to Give New Vision to Ibero-America, Garcia-Margallo Says
 11/20/2014   EFE Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Photo Exhibit in Paraguay
 11/25/2014   Obama: No Excuse for Violence, Vandalism in Wake of Grand Jury Decision
 11/25/2014   Two Former Pentagon Officials in the Running to Succeed Hagel
 11/25/2014   Obama’s Approval Rating Falls to 39%, Survey Says
 11/25/2014   Ferguson, a Paradigm of Mistrust Between Police and Minorities in U.S.
 11/25/2014   Police Officer Who Shot Michael Brown Goes Scot-Free
  World (Click here for more)
 11/25/2014   Former Portuguese PM Jose Socrates Jailed in Corruption Probe
 11/25/2014   Pope Urges a “Haggard” “Self-Absorbed” Europe to Recover Its Soul
 11/25/2014   Jihadists Establish Children Training Camps in Syria
 11/25/2014   Suicide Bombers Kill At Least 35 in Nigerian Market
 11/25/2014   Khamenei Says Attempt Bring Iran to Its Knees Has Failed
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 11/25/2014   Apple’s Market Cap Passes $700 Billion
 11/25/2014   U.S. Economy Grows 3.9% in Q3
 11/25/2014   Abe Promises to Delay Sales Tax Hike, Plus Energy and Stimulus Measures
 11/24/2014   Microloans Help Latino Women Become Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles
 11/24/2014   United Technologies’ CEO Retires
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 11/25/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $75.70
 11/24/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $75.42
 11/21/2014   One Dies in Blast on Oil Platform in Gulf of Mexico
 11/21/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Slightly Drops to $74.03
 11/20/2014   OPEC Crude Basket Drops Again
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 11/16/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Tale of Two Walls
 11/9/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Across the Americas, We the PEOPLE
 11/2/2014   Beatrice Rangel: Across Latin America, The Populist Beat Goes On!!
 10/30/2014   Sarnoff: How Many Safe Houses Exist in the United States?
 10/29/2014   Sherman: Strenthening Understanding Through Latin American Educational Exchanges
  Sports (Click here for more)
 11/25/2014   Messi Sets New Champions Goal Mark; Aguero Rescues Manchester City
 11/25/2014   Already in Next Round, Real Madrid Seeks a Record for Ancelotti
 11/25/2014   Brazil’s Bellucci Parts Ways with Coach Pato Clavet
 11/25/2014   Woman Fulfills Dream and Celebrates 100th Birthday at Barça Stadium
 11/25/2014   Ravens Beat Saints 34-20 on MNF
  Arts & Entertainment
 11/25/2014   Aretha Franklin Blasts Unauthorized Biography
 11/25/2014   Gonzalez Iñarritu’s “Birdman” Heads Spirit Awards Nominations
 11/25/2014   London’s Royal College of Art Exhibits Miro, Tapies and Barcelo
 11/25/2014   Carla Bruni to Auction Manuscript of “Quelqu’un m’a dit”
 11/25/2014   David Guetta: “Someday, I’ll Make a Record with No Electronic Music”
  Science, Nature & Technology
 11/25/2014   Thousands of Endangered Sea Turtles Confiscated in South Vietnam
 11/25/2014   France to Return 239 Archaeological Artifacts to Egypt
 11/25/2014   Japanese Team Recreates Kidney’s Basic Unit from Rat’s Cell
 11/25/2014   Facebook Launches a New Chatting Application
 11/25/2014   Antarctic Ice Thicker Than Previously Thought, According to Study
  Society (Click here for more)
 11/24/2014   Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan Love Story Goes Viral on the Internet
 11/21/2014   Thousands Line the Streets of Seville to Bid Farewell to the Duchess of Alba
 11/20/2014   With the Duchess of Alba, Spain Loses One of Its Most Charismatic Figures
 11/20/2014   The Duchess of Alba, the Aristocrat with Most Titles in the World, Dies at 88
 11/19/2014   Spain’s King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia Visit Rome
  Job Openings in the Americas
 11/11/2014   Bloomberg Reporter Job in Buenos Aires
 10/7/2014   Live and Work in the USA -- Register for FREE for a US Diversity Visa
 9/24/2014   US Attorney for Puerto Rico
 9/19/2014   Bloomberg Economy/Government Reporter Job In Venezuela
 9/4/2014   World Bank Seeks Consultant in the IFC Gender Secretariat

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