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  Top Story
Puerto Rico Governor Warns of More Defaults to Come
If the United States does not approve some mechanism permitting the island to restructure its debt, Puerto Rico will be left without the ability to pay its guaranteed debt...
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 5/5/2016   Venezuela Government Party Deputies Abandon National Assembly
 5/4/2016   Venezuela Recall Moves Small Step Forward Against Delays, Threats
 5/3/2016   Venezuela National Guard "Occupies" Country’s Largest Brewer Polar
 5/2/2016   Venezuela Opposition Files 1.85 Million Signatures to Begin Presidential Recall Process
 5/2/2016   TalCual: Venezuela Takes a Further Step towards Recovering Democracy
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 5/5/2016   Ingrid Betancourt Returns to Colombia with Call for Unity
 5/5/2016   Colombian Man Rescued after 2 Months Adrift in Pacific
 5/5/2016   Colombian Government Urged to Adopt “Differential Policy” Toward Mining
 5/5/2016   Colombia Authorizes Use of Glyphosate for Coca Fumigation
 5/5/2016   IMF Suggests Colombia Exchange Rate Continues to be "Shock Absorber"
 5/5/2016   Suspected Killer of Mexican Journalist Arrested
 5/5/2016   Mexico Prepares for “Trump Emergency”
 5/5/2016   President Unveils Measures for Mexico’s Hard-Hit Oil Regions
 5/5/2016   Mexico Limits Release of Voters’ Personal Data
 5/4/2016   Mexican Torture Victims Still Eyeing Justice 10 Years after Violent Crackdown
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 5/5/2016   Supreme Court Justice Suspends Brazil’s Lower House Speaker
 5/4/2016   Report Recommends That Brazil’s Rousseff Face Senate Trial
 5/4/2016   Brazilian State Attorney: Accusations against Rousseff Are “Lies”
 5/3/2016   Higher Court Scraps Suspension of WhatsApp in Brazil
 5/3/2016   Brazil to Promote Tourism with Olympic Torch Relay
 5/4/2016   Argentine Cabbies Block Traffic in Anti-Uber Protest
 5/2/2016   Ire in Argentina over Year’s 4th Increase in Fuel Prices
 5/2/2016   Argentine Increases Tax on Tobacco Companies to 75%
 5/2/2016   Retail Sales Fall 6.6% in Argentina
 5/1/2016   Fuel Prices Rise 10% in Argentina
 5/5/2016   Chinese Company to Convert Bolivian Airport into Regional Hub
 5/5/2016   Bus Accident Kills 12, Injures 30 in Bolivia
 5/4/2016   Bolivia Natural Gas Exports Fall Sharply in First Quarter to $594.4 Million
 5/3/2016   Disabled Bolivian Protesters Hang Themselves from Bridge in Wheelchairs
 5/2/2016   Japan to Finance $5 Million Physics Lab in Bolivia
 5/4/2016   U.S. Seeks Greater Energy Integration in Central America and Caribbean
 5/3/2016   Dominican Candidate Jailed for Buzzing Presidential Palace in Small Plane
 5/3/2016   Economic Crisis Causes Greatest Exodus in Puerto Rico’s History
 5/2/2016   Treasury Urges Congress to Act to Avoid “Cascading Defaults” in Puerto Rico
 5/2/2016   At Least 21 Die in Shipwreck off Northern Haitian Coast
  Central America
 5/5/2016   Panama Lawyers Leader Sees Panama Papers as Political Attack
 5/4/2016   Soldiers, Police and Gang Truce Mediator Arrested in El Salvador
 5/4/2016   U.S. Seeks Greater Energy Integration in Central America and Caribbean
 5/3/2016   Japan Donates $250,000 to Honduras to Improve Contraceptive Access
 5/3/2016   Honduran Journalist Felix Molina Wounded in Attack
 5/5/2016   Chilean Student March Ends in Clashes with Police
 5/5/2016   EFE Marks 50 Years in Chile with Photo Exhibit
 5/4/2016   Chiloe Archipelago Residents Isolate Selves to Protest Chilean Government
 5/3/2016   Chilean Fishermen Intensify Protests against Fishing Ban
 5/3/2016   Entel First-Quarter Profit Jumps 59.3%
 5/5/2016   Small Farmers Say U.S. Trying to Sever Their Ties to Cuban State
 5/4/2016   Spain Agrees to Restructure Cuban Debts
 5/3/2016   Cuban Dissidents Report More Than 5,000 Political Arrests
 5/3/2016   Cuba Sets Ceiling for Prices of Farm Products
 5/3/2016   Nine Cubans Reach Florida, Bringing Arrivals in Less Than a Week to 60
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 5/4/2016   U.S. Weighs Special Status for Ecuador Migrants after Quake
 5/3/2016   Japanese Earthquake Architect Gets to Work in Ecuador
 5/1/2016   Venezuelan Rescue Experts Find Elderly Man in Ruins of Earthquake in Ecuador
 4/29/2016   Death Toll from Ecuador Earthquake Rises to 660
 4/28/2016   Two Injured in Rough Landing at Airport in Southern Ecuador
 5/4/2016   EFE Marks 50 Years in Peru with Photo Exhibit Reviewing Country’s History
 5/2/2016   Agencia EFE Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Peru
 5/1/2016   Peru Declares Prison Emergency to End Irregularities
 4/29/2016   Japanese Archaeologists Find New Geoglyph near Peru’s Nazca Lines
 4/28/2016   Peru Judge Allows Prosecutions for “Apology for Terrorism”
 5/5/2016   Uruguay Begins Trials of Electric Bus
 4/26/2016   Mexican Drug Trafficker Arrested in Uruguay
 4/19/2016   Spain’s Abengoa to Build New Port Terminal in Uruguay’s Capital
 4/16/2016   Death Toll from Tornado in Uruguay Rises to 4; a Dozen More Reported Missing
 4/15/2016   Tornado Leaves 2 Dead in Uruguay
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 5/5/2016   Mari Carmen Aponte Appointed U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America
 5/5/2016   Google Doubles Funding for Latin America Research Awards
 4/24/2016   Experts Foresee Promising Future for Spanish, Although Not Free of Challenges
 4/19/2016   Latin America Techies Present Online Innovations at eMerge
 4/17/2016   40 Years of “The Latin Americans: Their Love-Hate Relationship with the United States”
 5/5/2016   Mari Carmen Aponte Appointed U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America
 5/5/2016   U.S. Army Officer Sues Obama over War against Islamic State
 5/5/2016   Activists Hail Rejection of Migrant Detention Center near Chicago
 5/5/2016   US Intelligence Chief Visits Seoul Ahead of N. Korean Congress
 5/5/2016   Judge Orders Questioning of Hillary Clinton Aid about Emails
  World (Click here for more)
 5/5/2016   More Than 90,000 Flee Wildfire in Canada
 5/5/2016   Malaysian Tower Serves as Temporary News Room
 5/5/2016   Renzi, Merkel Support Reaching an Agreement with Africa to Curb Migration
 5/5/2016   Woman Pulled Alive from Rubble 6 Days after Collapse of Nairobi Building
 5/5/2016   Turkish Prime Minister Announces He Will Not Run Again for AKP Presidency
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 5/5/2016   Abe Says Brexit Would Make United Kingdom “Less Attractive” for Japan
 5/5/2016   Malaysia Dissolves State Fund Advisory Board over Corruption
 5/4/2016   NYSE’s Owner Drops Plans to Bid for London Stock Exchange
 5/4/2016   Google, Fiat Agree to Cooperate on Producing 100 Minivans
 5/4/2016   Chinese Company Treats 2,500 Employees to Holiday in Spain
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 5/5/2016   Texas Eastern Pipeline Explosion in Pennsylvania Cuts Flows, Drives Gas Prices Up
 5/5/2016   Global Oil Companies Ready to Compete in Iranian Market
 5/5/2016   Islamic State Seizes Full Control of Gas Field in Syria
 5/4/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $41.02
 5/3/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $42.47
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 5/1/2016   Beatrice Rangel: Trump, Lula, Kirchner and the Last Tupi-Guaranis
 4/23/2016   Beatrice Rangel: Time for Departures in the Americas
 4/11/2016   Carlos Alberto Montaner: The Populist Syndrome in Latin America
 4/10/2016   Beatrice Rangel: A Contrarian View on the Panama Papers
 4/10/2016   Michael Rowan: The Power of Uncertainty in Venezuela
  Sports (Click here for more)
 5/5/2016   Liverpool Bound for Europa League Final after Win over Villarreal
 5/5/2016   Reigning Champs Sevilla Claim Berth in Europa League Final
 5/5/2016   Nadal Overcomes Hot Start by Querrey, Advances to Madrid Open Quarterfinals
 5/5/2016   Atletico’s Tiago Mendes Returns after 5-Month Injury
 5/5/2016   Brazil Announces Roster for Copa America
  Arts & Entertainment
 5/5/2016   Frieze Contemporary Art Fair Opens in New York
 5/5/2016   Mexico Teams Up with Cirque du Soleil to Burnish Its Image
 5/5/2016   Singer Elena Lacayo Gives Hispanic Immigrants in U.S. a Voice
 5/5/2016   Spain’s Ferrari Land to Thrill Visitors with Europe’s Tallest Rollercoaster
 5/5/2016   Vargas Llosa and Isabel Preysler Attend Dinner with Argentine President
  Science, Nature & Technology
 5/5/2016   Asian Primates Most Similar to Man Disappeared during Earth’s Cold Spells
 5/5/2016   Frogs and Toads Open Way for Biomedicines in Ecuador
 5/5/2016   Police Robot Could Soon Patrol Banks and Schools in China
 5/5/2016   US-EU Energy Council Considers Paris Agreement as Vital Breakthrough
 5/4/2016   Vietnamese Government Criticized over Mass Fish Deaths
  Society (Click here for more)
 4/25/2016   Spain’s Queen Sofia Honored for Her Humanitarian Work
 4/21/2016   Cameron Says Queen Elizabeth II Is “Rock of Strength” for UK
 4/20/2016   Queen Elizabeth Starts 90th Birthday Celebrations with Visit to Post Office
 4/20/2016   Prince William Responds to Criticism of His Commitment to Royal Duties
 4/18/2016   Washington Post, Tampa Bay Times among Pulitzer Winners
  Job Openings in the Americas
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands
 8/14/2015   US Attorney in El Salvador
 6/8/2015   Kazakhstan Announces Contest for Foreign Journalists

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