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  Top Story
Argentina Revokes Bank of New York Mellon’s Permission to Operate
Cabinet chief Jorge Capitanich said the decision was due to the failure of BoNY representatives to comply with the law and pay the holders of restructured Argentine government bonds...
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 8/26/2014   150 Inmates Die in Venezuelan Jails in First 6 Months of 2014
 8/26/2014   VenEconomy: Remembering the Amuay Refinery Tragedy
 8/26/2014   VenEconomía: Recordatorio de Amuay
 8/26/2014   TalCual: Venezuela Is Rotting Away
 8/23/2014   Venezuela Oil Price Falls to Lowest Since 2011 Even as Iraq, Syria and Ukraine Boil
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 8/27/2014   Colombia Rebels Free Kidnapped Geologist
 8/27/2014   Popeye, Head Hitman of Medellin Cartel, Released From Prison
 8/26/2014   Colombian Photojournalist Threatened, Watchdog Group Says
 8/26/2014   Colombia Abandons Plan to Trim Security Detail for Ex-President
 8/26/2014   Escobar Lieutenant Asks Colombian Authorities for Protection
 8/27/2014   Government Calls Toxic Spill Mexico’s Worst Modern Mining Disaster
 8/27/2014   Peña Nieto Says California is an Example to Follow in Immigrant Treatment
 8/26/2014   Texas National Guard Deploys on Mexican Border
 8/26/2014   Mexico Urged to Ban Fishing Nets to Protect Endangered Porpoise
 8/26/2014   Three Mexicans Facing Death Penalty Prepare for Last Appeal in Malaysia
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 8/27/2014   Another Poll Points to Upset in Brazil Presidential Race
 8/26/2014   Disturbances Break Out at 2 Other Brazilian Prisons
 8/26/2014   Deadly Uprising at Brazilian Prison Ends with Accord
 8/25/2014   Analysts Cut 2014 Brazil Economic Growth Estimate to 0.70%
 8/25/2014   Four Prisoners Dead, Two of Them Decapitated, in Prison Rebellion in Brazil
 8/27/2014   China Foreign Minister Wang Yi Holds Telephone Talks with Argentina Foreign Minister Timerman
 8/23/2014   YPF Inks Deal with China’s Sinopec to Re-Launch Projects in Western Argentina
 8/21/2014   S&P Cuts Argentina Provinces & Buenos Aires To 'CCC-'
 8/21/2014   Argentina Announces Food-Export Deals with Russia
 8/21/2014   Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires Cut To 'CCC-' by S&P
 8/22/2014   Bolivia Exports More Than 20,000 Metric Tons of LPG in 1H 2014
 8/22/2014   Bolivia Reaches Agreement with Pan American Energy over 2009 Expropriation
 8/16/2014   More Than 300,000 Abandoned Dogs Live on Streets of Bolivia
 8/15/2014   Bolivia’s YPFB: $3 Billion Invested in Exploration Projects
 8/11/2014   Bolivia Deports Argentine Military Convicted for Dictatorship Crimes
 8/25/2014   16 Puerto Rico Police Officers Guilty of Running Criminal Gang
 8/24/2014   At Least 3,603 Displaced by Flooding in Dominican Republic
 8/21/2014   Boat Carrying Haitian Migrants Intercepted in Bahamas
 8/20/2014   Puerto Rico to Use Old Traffic Network to Lay Fiber-Optic Cables
 8/17/2014   Businessman Pleads Guilty to Bribing Puerto Rico Judge
  Central America
 8/25/2014   36 Cubans Ride a Raft to Honduras
 8/25/2014   Accused Rapists Burned Alive in Guatemala
 8/25/2014   Guatemala Declares Drought Emergency
 8/24/2014   TV Station Owner Gunned Down in Honduras
 8/23/2014   North Carolina Schools to Receive Hundreds of Central American Students
 8/27/2014   JV Appeals Cancellation of Permit for Massive Chile Hydro Project
 8/26/2014   Chile Could Lose All Its Bees – or Become Their Last Refuge
 8/26/2014   Minister of Defense Warns Against “Entering Chile without Authorization”
 8/19/2014   Pablo Escobar Girlfriend Arrested in Chile on Drug Charges
 8/18/2014   NII Holdings Sells Nextel Chile
 8/27/2014   EU, Cuba Sit Down for Talks in Brussels
 8/25/2014   Nearly 500,000 Cubans Are Self-Employed
 8/19/2014   Cuba’s Revenue from Tourism Grows 4%
 8/16/2014   At Least 24% of People over 15 Are Habitual Smokers in Cuba
 8/15/2014   Cuba Recalls Retired Professors to Cover University Deficit
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 8/27/2014   Policemen Accused of Assassination Attempt Get 12-Year Sentence in Ecuador
 8/21/2014   S&P Raises Ecuador Rating to B+
 8/18/2014   Assange Says He Will Leave Ecuadorean Embassy in London “Soon”
 8/13/2014   Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 3 in Ecuador
 8/12/2014   Two Dead as Magnitude-5.1 Quake Rattles Ecuadorian Capital
 8/26/2014   Peruvian PM Wins Confidence Vote
 8/25/2014   Peru Moves Van der Sloot to Tougher Prison
 8/21/2014   Peruvian Prime Minister Loses Vote of Confidence in Congress
 8/20/2014   Peruvian Army Rescues Nine Captives from Rebels
 8/18/2014   Report: Thousands of Tons of Maca Smuggled Out of Peru
 7/28/2014   Enel Green Power Breaks Ground on its First Wind Farm in Uruguay
 7/16/2014   U.S. to Send 6 Guantanamo Prisoners to Uruguay
 7/6/2014   Uruguay’s Montes del Plata Paper Company Sends First Exports to Asia
 6/18/2014   Uruguay Enters New Oil-Exploration Phase
 6/8/2014   Two Uruguayans, One Dominican Convicted of People Trafficking
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 8/25/2014   Royal Air Maroc Signs Deal with Brazil’s GOL to Expand Latin American Presence
 8/17/2014   Spain’s Iberdrola Has over 400 MW of Wind Power in Latin America
 8/7/2014   Russia Slaps Embargo on Western Food Imports and Looks to Latin America
 8/4/2014   US Indicts 6 Almighty Imperial Gangsters over Murders
 7/31/2014   Latin America Closes Ranks with Palestinians on Gaza Crisis
 8/27/2014   Voters Approve Plan for “Miami’s Eiffel Tower”
 8/27/2014   White House Confirms Death of Suspected American Jihadist in Syria
 8/26/2014   Activists Fight Deportation of Alleged Victim of Police Brutality
 8/26/2014   Marco Rubio Warns Obama Against Unilateral Action on Deportation
 8/26/2014   California Looking at Huge Losses after Napa Earthquake
  World (Click here for more)
 8/27/2014   Physicians Gather in Kazakhstan to Demand Nuke-Free World
 8/27/2014   Gazans Begin to Gauge Damage, Reconstruction Costs
 8/27/2014   Syrian Rebels Take Control over a Golan Border Crossing
 8/27/2014   At Least 15 Australian “Jihadists” Dead in Iraq and Syria
 8/27/2014   Abdullah Boycotts Audit of Afghan Election Votes
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 8/27/2014   Chinese Male Actors Can No Longer Advertize Female Products
 8/27/2014   French Court Investigates IMF Chief in Corruption Case
 8/27/2014   Dozens Arrested For Adulterating Over 30,000 Tonnes of Chicken Feet
 8/26/2014   GM Kicks Off Opel Mokka Production in Spain
 8/26/2014   Burger King Acquires Canada’s Tim Hortons for $11.4 Billion
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 8/22/2014   Dynegy to Buy Power-Generation Assets for $6.25 Billion
 8/13/2014   Spain Government Gives Repsol Go-Ahead for Oil Exploration off Canary Islands
 8/4/2014   Parnon & Arcadia Hit with $13 Million Fine for Oil Futures Manipulation
 7/31/2014   Oil Giant ExxonMobil’s Earnings Rise 28% in Q2
 7/22/2014   Repsol Expects Search for Oil off Spain’s Canary Islands to Start This Year
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 8/17/2014   Beatrice Rangel's Latin America from 35k Feet: In Mexico Cinderella Gets to the Ball while Colombia Gets a Chance at Peace
 6/28/2014   Jeh Johnson: An Open Letter to the Parents of Children Crossing the U.S. Southwest Border
 5/21/2014   Admiral McRaven: 10 Lessons for Life from the Commander of the Navy Seals That Got Bin Laden (VIDEO)
 4/29/2014   US Secretary of State Kerry: Europeans Must Stop Shrinking Defense Budgets
 3/23/2014   Baer: US Calls on Russia to Uphold its OSCE Commitments
  Sports (Click here for more)
 8/27/2014   Spain’s Xabi Alonso Announces Retirement from International Soccer
 8/27/2014   AC Milan Confirms Interest in Signing Torres
 8/27/2014   Jimenez Underlines His “Love” For Atlético
 8/27/2014   Barça to Sign Defender Douglas Pereira from Sao Paulo
 8/26/2014   Argentina’s Delbonis Advances to U.S. Open 2nd Round
  Arts & Entertainment
 8/27/2014   Peret, Father of Modern Spanish Rumba, Dies at 79
 8/27/2014   Jorge Drexler Readies Mexican Tour
 8/26/2014   New Delhi Commemorates 100 Anniversary of Writer Julio Cortazar
 8/26/2014   Swedish Artist Prepares to Make Longest Film in History
 8/26/2014   Ricky Martin Wants to Add a Baby Girl to His Family
  Science, Nature & Technology
 8/27/2014   Europeans Work to Reposition Misplaced Satellites
 8/26/2014   The Americas Lead the World in Obesity
 8/26/2014   Ebola Co-Discoverer Concerned About Spread of Disease
 8/26/2014   Rosetta Space Probe Identifies 5 Possible Landing Sites on Comet
 8/26/2014   EU Awaits Report on Problems with Galileo Satellite Launch
  Society (Click here for more)
 7/16/2014   Spanish Postal Service Issues EFE 75th Anniversary Stamp
 7/8/2014   Kazakhstan Announces Winners of International Journalism Competition
 6/28/2014   US President Harry S. Truman Marries Elizabeth Wallace 28 June 1919
 6/19/2014   Spain’s Queen Letizia Wears Favorite Shade of White for Royal Ceremony
 6/13/2014   Spain’s Juan Carlos, Sofia to Retain Royal Titles
  Job Openings in the Americas
 8/16/2014   Human Rights Specialist at OAS's Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)
 3/10/2014   US State Department Looking to Hire Portuguese-Speaking Consular Adjudicators
 2/26/2014   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands
 1/27/2014   International Broadcaster for Voice of America
 1/26/2014   US Embassy in Mexico Seeks Deputy Attache Attorney

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