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  Top Story
With Electricity and Gasoline, Caracas Is Oasis of Sorts amid Venezuelan Crisis
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 5/22/2019   Venezuelan Official Blames US Sanctions for Health System Woes
 5/22/2019   Venezuela - The Country with the Most Oil in the World Now Has Gasoline Shortages
 5/21/2019   Raul Castro, Diaz-Canel Express Support for Venezuela’s Maduro
 5/20/2019   Venezuela’s Maduro Calls 1st Round of Talks with Opposition Positive
 5/18/2019   EU Mission in Venezuela to Negotiate Routes for New Elections
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 5/22/2019   Colombian Builds Thriving Wafer Dessert Business from Humble Origins
 5/19/2019   Colombia’s FARC Party Confirms Commitment to Peace after Arrest of Ex-Rebel
 5/17/2019   Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos Calls for Support for Global Goals
 5/16/2019   Former FARC Guerrillas Row for Peace in Australia
 5/14/2019   US Announces $160 Million in Aid to Colombia to Help Peace Process
 5/22/2019   Massive Seaweed Influx in Cancun’s Hotel Zone
 5/22/2019   Craft-Making on the Decline in Southern Mexico due to Lack of Pupils
 5/21/2019   Plastic Waste Being Made into Ecologically Friendly Houses in Western Mexico
 5/21/2019   Mexican Government to Auction Luxury Vehicles to Raise Money for Poor
 5/20/2019   Mexican Leader Blasts Predecessors for Forgiving $20 Billion in Taxes
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 5/22/2019   Brazilian Vice President Seeks to Attract Investment during China Visit
 5/21/2019   Brazil’s Candomble Religion Battles Rising Intolerance
 5/21/2019   Amnesty International Criticizes Brazilian President’s Statements on Rights
 5/20/2019   Brazil Reintroducing Animal Species into World’s Largest Urban Forest
 5/20/2019   Police Make Big Cocaine Seizure at Brazil’s Largest Port
 5/21/2019   Argentine Ex-President’s Corruption Trial Gets Under Way
 5/21/2019   Former Argentine President Denies Corruption Charges
 5/18/2019   Argentina’s Fernandez Pulls Surprise with Vice-Presidential Bid
 5/17/2019   Body Found on Argentine Mountain May Be Spanish Climber Missing since 1990
 5/9/2019   Suspect in Custody after Shooting near Argentine Congress
 5/10/2019   La Paz Expo Shows Sad Truth about Forced Marriages of Millions of Young Girls
 5/9/2019   Morales Says Bolivia Wants Talks with Chile over Access to Pacific
 5/1/2019   Three Missing in Landslide in Bolivia
 4/23/2019   Bolivia Completes New Banknotes in Sign of Economic Stability
 4/22/2019   Bus Crash in Bolivia Leaves 25 Dead
 5/3/2019   Puerto Rico Bids Final Farewell to Ex-Gov. Rafael Hernandez Colon
 3/30/2019   Opposition Returns to the Streets, Demanding Resignation of Haiti’s President
 3/26/2019   Dominican Capital Opens New Seaside Promenade on Caribbean
 3/18/2019   Haitian Lawmakers Censure Prime Minister
 3/5/2019   Protests Continue as 4 Victims of Haitian Demonstrations Are Buried
  Central America
 5/19/2019   Opposition Member Killed by Prison Guard Honored in Nicaragua
 5/18/2019   UN: Time is of the Essence in Finding Missing Migrants
 5/17/2019   Panama’s Main Independent Group Deciding Whether to Form a Political Party
 5/15/2019   Gunmen Kill 3 Members of Same Family in Honduras
 5/13/2019   Scores Affected by Earthquake on Panama-Costa Rica Border
 5/14/2019   Chilean School Provides Friendly Environment for Transsexual Kids
 5/8/2019   Chile’s Inflation Rate Runs at 0.30% in April
 4/29/2019   Chilean Bishops Blast Move to Breach Secrecy of the Confessional
 4/29/2019   Piñera Strengthens Ties with Seoul in Trade, Technology, Environment
 4/29/2019   Chile, South Korea Boost Ties in Face of Digital Revolution
 5/22/2019   Bucking US Sanctions, American Airlines Expands Flights to Cuba
 5/21/2019   Spain’s Melia May Be Sued in US for Using Hotel Confiscated by Cuban Government
 5/21/2019   Cuba Receives First Batch of Train Carriages from China
 5/20/2019   Cuba and Vietnam Tout Solid Relations during Havana Meetings
 5/15/2019   Cuba’s President Rips US over ICC Complaints about Doctors
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 5/19/2019   Ecuador’s Virgin of Quinche is Object of Devotion Taken Note of by Vatican
 4/16/2019   Bamboo Becomes Go-To Material for Earthquake-Proof Buildings in Ecuador
 4/15/2019   Ecuador Jilted Assange as It Strengthened US Ties
 4/12/2019   Ecuador Jilted Assange as It Sought to Build Ties with US
 4/11/2019   Julian Assange Arrested at Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Faces Possible Extradition to US
 5/21/2019   A Darker Side of Paraguay Flooding: Isolation of Elderly
 5/2/2019   First Female Head of Paraguay University Wants More Women in High Positions
 4/13/2019   Paraguay Urges Isolating Venezuela’s Maduro to Force Him from Power
 2/26/2019   Paraguayan, Brazilian Leaders Meet at Binational Dam
 2/25/2019   Paraguay Launches Initiate to Promote Gender Equality
 5/10/2019   Peruvian Climber Who Died on Nepal’s Mt. Makalu to Be Cremated in Kathmandu
 5/7/2019   Peruvian Ex-President, First Lady Charged with Money Laundering
 5/1/2019   Machu Picchu Train Service Resumes from Southern Peruvian City of Cusco
 4/27/2019   Book Shines Light on Slave Camps Run by Peru’s Maoist-Inspired Shining Path
 4/26/2019   Hidden Center of Inca Culture Now on Mobile Devices for All the World to See
 4/28/2019   Uruguay, China Sign Memorandum to Improve Air Connections
 4/27/2019   Social Networks Help Russians Make Uruguay Their Home
 4/22/2019   Micro-Brewery Draws on Tradition of Uruguay’s Beer Mecca
 4/22/2019   Quirky Uruguayan Museum Showcases the History of Industrial Food Production
 4/21/2019   Popular Uruguayan Hot Springs Discovered While Searching for Oil
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 5/20/2019   UN Panel Designs Development Plan for Mexico, Central America to Stop Migration
 5/16/2019   Latin America Urged to Focus on Sustainable Infrastructure
 5/16/2019   Chile, Colombia and Peru Lead Sustainable Public-Private Partnerships
 5/15/2019   IDB: Stability is Vital in Attracting Investors to Latin America
 5/15/2019   Forum on Latin American Public-Private Partnerships Kicks Off in Dominican Republic
 5/22/2019   US Jury Sentences Spaniard to Life in Prison for Triple-Murder
 5/22/2019   Judge Upholds Congressional Subpoenas for Trump’s Financial Info
 5/22/2019   Pelosi Accuses Trump of Cover-Up; President Says He Won’t Work with Dems
 5/22/2019   US Senator Seeks Answers after 5th Migrant Youth Dies in Custody
 5/22/2019   US Acting Defense Chief: Iran Threat Put on Hold
  World (Click here for more)
 5/22/2019   Remains of Jewish Holocaust Victims Reburied in Belarus
 5/22/2019   ANC’s Cyril Ramaphosa Resumes Role as South Africa President
 5/22/2019   Upstarts and Stalwarts Candidates Gear Up for Spain’s Local Elections
 5/22/2019   At Least 8 Killed, 10 Injured in Heavy Truck Bombing in Southern Afghanistan
 5/22/2019   Duterte Orders Immediate Return of Garbage Containers to Canada
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 5/22/2019   On China, President Trump Leads a Coalition of the Unwilling
 5/22/2019   Trade War Harms 75% of US Companies in China, Survey Says
 5/22/2019   India’s Antitrust Watchdog Surveys E-Commerce Firms Including Amazon, Walmart
 5/21/2019   UN Forecasts Global Economy to Grow 2.7% in 2019, 2.9% in 2020
 5/21/2019   Italian Airline Alitalia Cancels More Than 280 Flights due to Strike
  Oil, Mining & Energy (Click here for more)
 5/22/2019   The UK’s British Steel Begins Insolvency Proceedings
 5/22/2019   Rare Earths Emerge as China’s Possible Trump Card in Trade War against US
 5/21/2019   Experts Re-Enter New Zealand Mine Where 29 Miners Died in 2010
 5/20/2019   Iran Announces 400% Increase in Production of Enriched Uranium
 5/17/2019   590,000 Tons of Kazakh Crude Oil Contaminated in Druzhba Pipeline
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 5/22/2019   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Trump Between War and Sanctions
 5/22/2019   Beatrice Rangel: Latin America - A Gang Region?
 5/13/2019   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Venezuela or How to Postpone the Crisis Using the Nicaraguan Model
 5/13/2019   Beatrice Rangel: Why Synchronicity Matters
 5/6/2019   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Loyalty in Venezuela in Times of Crisis
  Sports (Click here for more)
 5/22/2019   Real Madrid’s Sergio Reguilon Says He Intends to Stay at the Club
 5/22/2019   Chelsea’s Coach Praises Hazard, Wishes to Continue with the Team
 5/22/2019   Powerhouse Astros, Yankees Continue to Roll in Major League Baseball
 5/22/2019   VAR Increased Accuracy in Ruling Penalties to 96.9% in Spain’s La Liga
 5/22/2019   Everest Sees Record Footfall, Jam as More Than 200 Climbers Reach Summit
  Arts & Entertainment
 5/22/2019   Garcia Bernal’s Latest Directorial Effort Examines Root Causes of Violence
 5/22/2019   Prada to Ban Fur from 2020
 5/22/2019   Uruguayan Recording Artist Sees Music as Ritual, Emotional Journey
 5/22/2019   Quentin Tarantino: Charles Manson Following ‘Incomprehensible’
 5/21/2019   Star Wars Canyon: Where Enthusiasts Go to Watch Fighter Pilots Practice
  Science, Nature & Technology
 5/22/2019   Journalism in Digital Age Must Rethink How to Reach Its Audience
 5/22/2019   Israeli Scientists Brew Beer Using 5,000-Year-Old Yeast
 5/22/2019   Lack of Diverse Global Diet Takes Toll on Biodiversity
 5/22/2019   Two Japanese Companies Delay Launch of New Huawei Phone Model
 5/21/2019   Mexican Scientist Works to Find Mysterious Fish Using DNA
  Society (Click here for more)
 5/21/2019   UK’s Prince Charles and Camilla Visit Ireland
 5/21/2019   Victoria: An Exploration of the UK Queen to Mark 200th Birth Anniversary
 5/21/2019   Japan Honors 142 Foreigners with Imperial Spring Awards
 5/17/2019   Two Hundred Years after Queen Victoria’s Birth, Her Legacy Lives On in London
 5/17/2019   Thailand Releases First Official Portraits of the New Consort, Queen Suthida
  Job Openings in the Americas
 4/16/2019   Deputy Director and Senior Fellow - Americas Program - CSIS
 10/14/2017   Research Analyst - Latin America Upstream - Wood Mackenzie
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador

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