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  Top Story
Venezuela Formally Withdraws from OAS
Venezuelan envoy Carmen Velasquez delivered a letter renouncing the 1948 charter founding the OAS to the body’s Washington headquarters, the first step toward withdrawal. Venezuela becomes the first nation in the 70 year history of the OAS to quit. We've got the letter...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 4/30/2017   Venezuelan Students Hold Vigil for Deceased; Opposition Calls for Another Protest
 4/30/2017   TalCual: Venezuela’s Prosecutor General Recovers Institutional Role
 4/29/2017   Venezuela Oil Price Tumbles
 4/29/2017   "It Could Have Been Me" Venezuela Ombudsman's Son Tells Father About Attacks on Protestors
 4/27/2017   Venezuela’s Maduro Needs Parliament’s OK to Leave OAS, Lawmaker Says
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 4/29/2017   Death Toll in Colombia Building Collapse Climbs to 20
 4/27/2017   Five Killed in Building Collapse in Colombia
 4/24/2017   Colombia’s President Visits Paraguay
 4/23/2017   Colombia’s El Torno: Model Town for Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change
 4/21/2017   Colombia to Host May Meeting of US Tour Operators
 4/28/2017   Surveillance of Cars Crossing California-Mexico Border Increases
 4/28/2017   Spanish A400M Aircraft Shows Its Power at Mexico Aerospace Fair
 4/27/2017   Lower US Taxes Could Lead to Reduced Investment in Mexico, BBVA Bancomer Says
 4/27/2017   Woman Pushing 60 Gives Birth to Preemie Twins in Mexico
 4/25/2017   Sombrerete, the Mexican Mining Town That Became a Cultural Heritage Site
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 4/29/2017   Brazil General Strike Marred by Vandalism, Clashes
 4/28/2017   General Strike against Government Austerity Program Takes Effect across Brazil
 4/27/2017   Indians March Again in Brasilia to Defend Land Claims
 4/27/2017   Brazil Unions Urge Big Turnout for General Strike
 4/25/2017   Thousands of Indigenous Protest in Brasilia, Demanding Demarcation of Land
 4/27/2017   Trump Praises Argentina’s Macri during White House Meeting
 4/27/2017   Government Says Argentina’s Budget Deficit Came In at 0.40% in Q1
 4/27/2017   Populism “No Longer a Solution” says Argentina's Macri in Washington (VIDEO)
 4/26/2017   Argentina’s Macri Heads for US to Meet with Trump
 4/25/2017   Argentina Trains Civil Servants for a Computer-Savvy Government
 4/27/2017   Pope Decorates Bolivian for Translating Church Texts into Aymara
 4/19/2017   Argentina Returns 16th-Century Coins to Bolivia
 4/18/2017   Argentine Musicians Bring Joy to Bolivian Hospitals, Nursing Homes
 4/17/2017   Bolivian President Speaks with New Voice after Larynx Surgery
 4/17/2017   Bolivia Coca Growers Seek Suspension of New Coca Law
 4/25/2017   Almost 15,000 Homeless due to Rains, Flooding in Dominican Republic
 4/24/2017   Dominican Republic Launches Campaign to Vaccinate 200,000 Girls against HPV
 4/21/2017   Dominican Authorities Seize 390 Drug Packets
 4/18/2017   Jamaica's Economy to Expand 2% in 2017, Says IMF
 4/16/2017   Illegal Alien Dominican in NY Gets 4 Years in Cocaine Conspiracy, Illegal Possession of a Firearm, and False IDs
  Central America
 4/29/2017   Driver Who Ran Over Protesting Guatemala Students Gives Himself Up
 4/29/2017   Why the Mountains of Costa Rica Produce Some of the World’s Finest Coffees
 4/27/2017   President Welcomes First Air Europa Flight from Madrid to Honduras
 4/24/2017   Guatemalan Indian Honored for His Fight to Protect the Earth
 4/23/2017   Panama Canal Pilots Train with Mini-Vessels before Steering Neopanamax Ships
 4/24/2017   Powerful Quake Rocks Central Chile, Coastal Zone Evacuated as Precaution
 4/15/2017   Strong Earthquake Hits Northern Chile
 4/13/2017   Chile Overhauls Pinochet-Era Private Retirement System
 4/11/2017   Thousands of Students Protest Higher Education Reform Bill in Chile
 4/10/2017   Former Chilean President Pulls Out of Race for 2nd Term
 4/29/2017   Cuba Military Plane Crash Leaves 8 Dead
 4/29/2017   Almost 1 Million People Affected by Intense Drought in Cuba
 4/26/2017   Cuban Bicyclist Felix Guirola Dreams of Guinness Record
 4/18/2017   US Sentences Cuban to Life for WMD Terrorism
 4/17/2017   Cuban Minister Invites Spanish King, Prime Minister, to Visit the Island
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 4/23/2017   Ecuador’s Ruling Party Celebrates Election Victory
 4/18/2017   Ecuador Electoral Officials Begins Vote Recount in Presidential Election
 4/18/2017   Strong Earthquake Rocks Ecuador, Peru
 4/14/2017   Electoral Council of Ecuador Says It Will Conduct a Vote Recount
 4/7/2017   China’s Xi Congratulates Ecuador’s Moreno for Winning Election
 4/26/2017   Peru Ex-President, Wife Questioned by Prosecutor in Money-Laundering Probe
 4/16/2017   Easter Parade Draws Thousands of Catholics in Ayacucho, Peru
 4/8/2017   The Sweet Revolution of a Swiss-Peruvian Chocolate Manufacturing Co-Op
 4/4/2017   Trump Offers Peru’s President Assistance after Floods
 3/31/2017   Death Toll in Peru Rises to 97 and Affected Households to 200,000
 4/26/2017   Rajoy, Vazquez Join Forces to Achieve EU-Mercosur Pact This Year
 4/26/2017   Uruguay and Spain Sign Agreement on Exports, Investment
 4/25/2017   Spain’s Rajoy Arrives in Montevideo on 1st Official Visit
 4/17/2017   Uruguay Makes Pregnant Women, Children Priority for Flu Shots
 4/13/2017   Farm and City Meet in Uruguay’s Traditional Fair
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 4/26/2017   Rajoy to Businessmen: I Support EU-Mercosur Pact This Year
 4/25/2017   Spanish PM Sees EU-Mercosur Agreement Near, Wants to Close Deal This Year
 4/17/2017   Paraguay’s President Drops Bid to Allow Re-election
 4/12/2017   Paraguayans Prepare for Big Feast before Good Friday Fast
 4/7/2017   Main Opposition Absent from Paraguay Talks on Presidential Re-election
 4/30/2017   Trump Invites Philippine Leader Duterte to White House
 4/30/2017   Decision on Paris Agreement to Come in 2 Weeks, Trump Says
 4/29/2017   Thousands of Pro-Climate, Anti-Trump Protesters March on Washington
 4/29/2017   First Lady Mostly Absent from White House during Trump’s First 100 Days
 4/29/2017   Kim Jong-un Has Disrespected China with New Missile Launch, Trump Says
  World (Click here for more)
 4/29/2017   Hollande Accuses Le Pen of Camouflaging Her Intent to Pull France Out of Euro
 4/29/2017   US Drone Strike Kills 3 Suspected Members of al-Qaeda in Yemen
 4/29/2017   Pope Says God Rejects Fanaticism at Mass Held for Egyptian Catholic Minority
 4/29/2017   Pakistan Sacks High-Ranking Diplomat over Dawn Leaks Case
 4/29/2017   Le Pen Says French Euroskeptic Ally Will Be Prime Minister If She Wins May 7
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 4/30/2017   Chinese Industries Continue Expanding Although at Slower Pace
 4/30/2017   Taiwanese Foxconn in Investment Talks with US Government
 4/29/2017   First Freight Train from UK Reaches China
 4/28/2017   EXPO 2017 Makes European Promotional Tour Stop in Spain
 4/28/2017   US Economy Grows Just 0.7% in First Quarter
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 4/28/2017   Chinese Nuclear Firms Seek a Spot among the Creme de la Creme of the Sector
 4/28/2017   EU to Attend Energy, Climate Forums in Iran amid Ongoing US-Tehran Feud
 4/28/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $48.90
 4/27/2017   US Opens Investigation into Aluminum Imports
 4/27/2017   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $49.63
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 4/23/2017   Beatrice Rangel: From the Age of Aquarius to the O’Reilly Factor
 4/18/2017   Beatrice Rangel: The Emerging Trump Doctrine
 4/10/2017   Beatrice Rangel: And the Lion Roared!!!
 4/3/2017   Beatrice Rangel: Ecuador -- And the Count Goes On!!
 4/3/2017   Michael Rowan: Can Anything Be Done to Help Venezuela Survive?
  Sports (Click here for more)
 4/30/2017   Bayern Munich Seals Record Fifth Consecutive Bundesliga Title
 4/29/2017   Barcelona Still Leads La Liga after Hard-Fought 3-0 Derby Win over Espanyol
 4/29/2017   Mladenovic Ends Sharapova’s Bid for Title in Tour Return
 4/29/2017   Nadal Says He’s Wary of Thiem after Advancing to 10th Barcelona Open Final
 4/29/2017   Marcelo’s Late Goal Lifts Real Madrid to 2-1 Victory over Valencia
  Arts & Entertainment
 4/28/2017   Richard Ford Hails the Possibilities of Literature
 4/27/2017   Spanish Humorist Says Fascists of Today Wear Suits and Ties
 4/26/2017   EFE Exhibit on Telephone History Opens in Lima
 4/26/2017   Miguel Bose: I’m Going to Be Around for a Long Time
 4/26/2017   Director of “The Silence of the Lambs” Dies at 73
  Science, Nature & Technology
 4/30/2017   India Hunts for Solutions to Tackle Spread of Simians
 4/29/2017   Turkey Blocks Access to Wikipedia in All Languages
 4/29/2017   Robots Outgrowing Factory Roles, Taking Care of Young and Elderly
 4/28/2017   China Confirms It Will Begin Building Space Station in 2019
 4/27/2017   Rural Girls Eye Promising Digital Future in Garages of Delhi
  Society (Click here for more)
 4/25/2017   Saudi Arabia’s King Receives Spain’s Former Monarch
 4/21/2017   UK Confirms Spanish Royal Visit Postponed until July due to General Election
 4/21/2017   Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Her 91st Birthday
 4/19/2017   Thailand to Cremate Late King Bhumibol on Oct. 26
 4/17/2017   Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms Receives ALBA Human Rights Award
  Job Openings in the Americas
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands
 8/14/2015   US Attorney in El Salvador

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