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  Top Story
Supporters Hope Argentina’s Fernandez Will Enter Presidential Race
While most political observers say they expect her to run, analyst Jose Giacobbe believes she will play a key role even if she declines to seek the presidency...
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  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 4/25/2019   Activist Interrupts US Representative for Venezuela
 4/25/2019   Venezuelan Embassy Complex in Washington Heads for Showdown amid Tug-of-War
 4/23/2019   Venezuela Asks Interpol to Arrest 3 for Attack on Electricity Grid
 4/23/2019   Maracaibo, Venezuela’s 2nd Largest City, Feels the Heat of the Blackouts
 4/21/2019   Venezuela Social Networks, Strange Combination of Reality, Hyperpolarization
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 4/23/2019   Colombian Government Confirms Death Toll of 28 in Landslide
 4/22/2019   Colombians Resume Search for Missing after Mudslide
 4/21/2019   At Least 19 People Die in Landslide as Heavy Rains Pound Colombia
 4/13/2019   Over 700 Displaced in Four Days due to Clashes in Southwest Colombia
 4/5/2019   Colombian Non-Profit Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint with Solar Panels
 4/25/2019   Mexican Congress Rolls Back Education Reforms
 4/25/2019   Gunmen Kill Mayor, Two Others in Mexican Gulf State
 4/24/2019   Spread of Vogue Dancing Unites Mexico’s LGTB Community
 4/24/2019   AMLO: Informal Vote Could Be Held on Whether to Probe Mexican Ex-Presidents
 4/24/2019   Government Won’t Negotiate with Organized Crime Groups, Mexico’s President Says
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 4/25/2019   Bolsonaro Puts an End to Daylight Savings Time in Brazil
 4/24/2019   Hundreds of Indians Set Up Camp in Brasilia to Protest against Bolsonaro
 4/22/2019   Paqueta Island, the Antidote to Rio de Janeiro’s Craziness
 4/20/2019   Waves of Trash Expose Rio’s Environmental Deterioration
 4/16/2019   Deaths in Brazil Building Disaster Reach 15
 4/16/2019   Spanish Exile Who Spurred Argentine Probe of Franco Regime Dies
 4/16/2019   Macri Predicts Inflation Spike in March, but Says It Can Be Eradicated
 4/11/2019   Taxi Drivers Take Over Downtown Buenos Aires to Protest Uber, Cabify
 4/5/2019   Large Anti-Austerity Rally Held in Argentina’s Capital
 4/3/2019   Spaniards Press-Ganged into Falklands War Seek Compensation from Argentina
 4/23/2019   Bolivia Completes New Banknotes in Sign of Economic Stability
 4/22/2019   Bus Crash in Bolivia Leaves 25 Dead
 4/12/2019   Playmobil Exhibit Reviews Bolivian History as Told by “Klickies”
 4/11/2019   Bolivian Growers Seek Denomination of Origin for Royal Quinoa
 4/10/2019   Women in Bolivia Cook to Preserve Traditions
 3/30/2019   Opposition Returns to the Streets, Demanding Resignation of Haiti’s President
 3/26/2019   Dominican Capital Opens New Seaside Promenade on Caribbean
 3/18/2019   Haitian Lawmakers Censure Prime Minister
 3/5/2019   Protests Continue as 4 Victims of Haitian Demonstrations Are Buried
 2/24/2019   Dedicated Missionaries Pursue Their Silent Work in Haiti
  Central America
 4/25/2019   UN: Food Crisis in Central America Dry Corridor is Invisible
 4/24/2019   Nun: Women in Central America Will Always Be Those Hardest Hit by Migration
 4/23/2019   Public Archaeology in El Salvador Essential for Protecting Heritage
 4/19/2019   Cops Scatter Opposition Protest against Ortega near Managua Cathedral
 4/16/2019   UN: 62,000 Refugees Fled Political Crisis in Nicaragua in 1 Year
 4/25/2019   Piñera Offers Chile as Gateway for China and Latin America
 4/24/2019   Chilean Leader Begins Visit to China with Plan to Boost Relations
 4/23/2019   Google Completes Undersea Cable Linking Chile to California
 4/23/2019   Chile’s Piñera Begins Trip to China, South Korea
 4/19/2019   Chile President to Visit China from April 24-28
 4/25/2019   Cuba Appeals to International Community amid Stepped-Up US Hostility
 4/17/2019   US Government Strengthens Sanctions on Cuba
 4/17/2019   US to Allow Lawsuits against Foreign Companies Operating in Cuba
 4/16/2019   EU Urges Companies to Counterattack US Lawsuits on Cuba
 4/16/2019   Art Invites Discussion on Havana’s Malecon
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 4/16/2019   Bamboo Becomes Go-To Material for Earthquake-Proof Buildings in Ecuador
 4/15/2019   Ecuador Jilted Assange as It Strengthened US Ties
 4/12/2019   Ecuador Jilted Assange as It Sought to Build Ties with US
 4/11/2019   Julian Assange Arrested at Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Faces Possible Extradition to US
 4/8/2019   Ecuador: No Contacts with Another Country to Arrange Assange’s Arrest
 4/13/2019   Paraguay Urges Isolating Venezuela’s Maduro to Force Him from Power
 2/26/2019   Paraguayan, Brazilian Leaders Meet at Binational Dam
 2/25/2019   Paraguay Launches Initiate to Promote Gender Equality
 2/14/2019   Panama’s Varela Meets with Abdo Benitez on Official Visit to Paraguay
 2/12/2019   Paraguay Issues Land Titles to Hundreds of Peasant Families
 4/22/2019   Peruvian Minister: No Police Negligence or Abuse in Garcia Case
 4/19/2019   Peru’s Garcia Left Suicide Note
 4/18/2019   Thousands of Peruvians Bid Farewell to Alan Garcia
 4/17/2019   Peru in Shock over Suicide of Ex-President Alan Garcia
 4/17/2019   Alan Garcia: A Tragic End Plagued by Corruption Allegations
 4/22/2019   Micro-Brewery Draws on Tradition of Uruguay’s Beer Mecca
 4/22/2019   Quirky Uruguayan Museum Showcases the History of Industrial Food Production
 4/21/2019   Popular Uruguayan Hot Springs Discovered While Searching for Oil
 4/21/2019   Paragliding Offers New Way to View Uruguay River
 3/11/2019   Group Works to Create Digital Library of Street Art in Uruguay
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 3/22/2019   The Americas Remain Fractured despite Unending Attempts at Integration
 3/22/2019   South American Leaders Launch New Regional Body
 3/22/2019   South America Seeks Integration, Not Ideologies, Chile Foreign Minister Says
 3/21/2019   Latin America Needs More Creators of “Serious Video Games”
 3/14/2019   Taiwan Cooperating with US in Latin America to Consolidate Alliances
 4/25/2019   Wars of the Future: Lasers, Microwave Cannons and Drones, Lots of Drones
 4/25/2019   Joe Biden Announces Presidential Bid
 4/25/2019   Texas Executes Convicted Racist Murderer for 1998 Dragging Death
 4/24/2019   Trump: WH is Fighting All Subpoenas for Advisers to Testify before Congress
 4/24/2019   Trump Reiterates Threat to Close US-Mexico Border, Send More Troops
  World (Click here for more)
 4/25/2019   Sri Lankan Secretary of Defense Resigns over Security Failings in Attacks
 4/25/2019   All Smiles: Putin and Kim Display Air of Friendship during Historic Summit
 4/25/2019   Tibetans in India Mark 30th Birthday of Spiritual Leader Missing in China
 4/25/2019   UK Charity Offers Reward Leading to the Arrest of Killers of Journalist McKee
 4/25/2019   Military with Sweeping Powers to Protect Religious Places in Sri Lanka
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 4/25/2019   US: China Remains Black List Leader for Intellectual Property Theft
 4/25/2019   French Court Agrees with Google, Throws Out Government Appeal, $1.2 Fine
 4/25/2019   Former Nissan Boss Carlos Ghosn Released on Bail Again
 4/25/2019   China Wants to Avoid Debt Risks in New Silk Road Initiative
 4/25/2019   Pressed by the United States, Asian Firms Rethink Iran
  Oil, Mining & Energy (Click here for more)
 4/23/2019   China Protests against Threat of Sanctions by the US for Buying Oil from Iran
 4/22/2019   US Ends Waivers for Countries to Import Iranian Oil
 4/20/2019   Hundreds Attend Former Green Party Leader’s Anti-Coal Mine Rally in Australia
 4/15/2019   Fuel Removal from Reactor No. 3 at Fukushima Plant Begins
 4/10/2019   OPEC Oil Production Down in March on Cuts, Venezuela Crisis
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 4/22/2019   Carlos Alberto Montaner: The Reasoning in Washington on Cuba and Venezuela
 4/22/2019   Beatrice Rangel: From Notre Dame to Venezuela, the World Weeps
 4/15/2019   Carlos Alberto Montaner: How to Fight Prejudices
 4/15/2019   Beatrice Rangel: When Narcissism Meets Rule of Law
 4/8/2019   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Socialism in the United States?
  Sports (Click here for more)
 4/25/2019   Brahim, a Bright Spot for Real Madrid in 0-0 Draw with Getafe
 4/25/2019   Ricky Rubio Says He’ll Ponder FIBA World Cup, Free Agency in Coming Days
 4/25/2019   Nadal Defeats Ferrer in Barcelona, Continues Title Defending Run
 4/25/2019   Athletic Bilbao Honors Malin Moström with One Club Woman Award
 4/25/2019   Chess Grandmaster Kasparov Says Privacy Is the Cost of Technology
  Arts & Entertainment
 4/25/2019   Artisans in Western Mexico Sculpt Volcanic Rock into Kitchen Utensils
 4/25/2019   Mexico’s Sofia Reyes to Perform at 2019 Platino Awards Ceremony
 4/25/2019   Stanley Kubrick Hailed as Prophetic at Preview of UK Show
 4/25/2019   Albacete’s “Zenzanne”: A Japanese Oasis in the Heart of Spain’s Capital
 4/25/2019   Possible Artwork by Banksy Goes on Display in Tokyo
  Science, Nature & Technology
 4/25/2019   First Indian Rhino Born in Miami Combining Induced Ovulation, Insemination
 4/25/2019   New York Investigating Facebook for Stealing Data from 1.5 Million Users
 4/25/2019   Facebook Refusing to Comply with Canada’s Privacy Laws, Regulators Say
 4/25/2019   Ireland Investigates Exposure of Millions of Facebook Passwords
 4/25/2019   Japanese Space Probe Hayabusa2 Manages to Create Crater on Distant Asteroid
  Society (Click here for more)
 4/23/2019   Duchess of Cambridge Shares 3 Photos of Prince Louis to Mark His 1st Birthday
 4/23/2019   Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg Dies at 98
 4/23/2019   Japan’s Emperor Visits His Father’s Tomb before Abdication
 4/16/2019   Reporting on Trump, US Shootings Recognized for Pulitzers
 4/10/2019   Japan’s Emperor, Empress Celebrate 60th Wedding Anniversary
  Job Openings in the Americas
 4/16/2019   Deputy Director and Senior Fellow - Americas Program - CSIS
 10/14/2017   Research Analyst - Latin America Upstream - Wood Mackenzie
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador

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