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Human Beings Yearn to Believe, Psychic Alan Chamo Says

MIAMI – A psychic is a magician with mental problems, Alan Chamo says jokingly, although his gifts as a “hacker” of minds is a serious thing.

In just a few minutes he divines the PIN for a cell phone just by peering at the face of the owner while he passes his fingers over the tiny keyboard.

Born in Argentina 41 years ago but raised in Israel, Chamo starting this weekend will begin presenting his “M1ND H4CK3R” show at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach, but the public should attend having steeled themselves against “stage fright” and prepared to be astonished.

For the audience is truly the star of this interactive show that will run from Aug. 19-27 with performances in both Spanish and English.

Some of the showgoers will be called upon to get up onstage in groups of about 10 and interact with Chamo during each 75-minute performance.

Chamo, who – speaking in all seriousness – defines a psychic as “someone who entertains by creating illusions in the minds of others,” said in an interview with EFE that quite apart from assorted parlor “tricks,” there is much psychology and knowledge of body language that goes into his show.

“Human beings basically want to believe, and so religions exist. When there is something that cannot be explained, the human being says to himself: Either it’s a trick or it’s something supernatural,” he said.

Mentalism is not one specific thing or another, Chamo added, being accustomed to dealing with those who bring magnets and mirrors to try and discover his “tricks,” with those who ask him to roll up his shirtsleeves and with those who – sitting in their seats and seeing how he “hacks” into other people’s minds – claim that those individuals have been paid to go along with the ruse.

“There are things that people don’t notice because they block out wanting to believe,” Chamo says about the “mental illusions” he creates onstage, sometimes with the help of “hypnotic suggestion.”

But he says that his aim is simply for people to enjoy themselves.

When asked how one becomes a psychic, Chamo responds that all psychics start off as magicians but they also have to know how to tell a story with a bunch of cards in their hand or a pocket full of coins and to be able to surprise and astonish the public.

You also have to be audacious and dare to do something new, like for example hypnotizing someone, even though what you’re attempting to accomplish is not completely guaranteed

Not everyone is impressionable, Chamo said, adding that the popular belief that people who can be easily hypnotized are weak-minded is completely wrong.

“Most impressionable people have a lot of imagination, with well-organized and intelligent minds,” said Chamo.


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