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Athina Divina: Bad Energies of Summer 2015 and What to Do to Counter their Adverse Effects

By Athina Klioumi de Marturet

The month of August is fairly dramatic all the time. The sign of Leo is vital, generous, but also brings an energy of drama.

This month in particular has some energies that are a bit confusing, albeit good for those who are getting married. Those tying the knot this month will be married for a long time and enjoy stable marriages, but some singles may cause dramas, so watch out for who is invited! You'll tell me later how everything went!

In general it will be quieter than September.

It would be good for those still on vacation if they did a little exercise, or got a body and facial massage and/or body therapies so that they feel energized when the time comes to head back to work, school and other duties.

Bear in mind that we are still getting energies from the Year of the Goat and, therefore, we must be very careful with issues related to earth-wood energies, or blockages and diseases of the liver such as hepatitis (watch out for anger attacks), problems with the small intestine, skin and tendons.

Also try to avoid those thoughts that are repeated over and over again: Watch out for jealousy, envy and greed.

For balancing these energies, use bitter, peppery, and acid-sweet flavors and, naturally, practice some Zen meditation. Going to the beach late in the afternoon or early in the morning, along with some meditation, gives us a wonderful balance. Make the most of summer to get in shape and become a better you:

Removing Impurities: This is of high importance because it keeps your skin clean, fresh and prevents wrinkles from appearing too soon. I've already told you about the gold dust. This wonderful metal cleans both your skin and blood. It has been used since ancient times for beauty purposes. Years ago, I went to a traditional spa in the mountains of Japan, where I discovered that masks and infusions with gold dust, besides delightful, are a wonderful anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating treatment. They give you green tea with wonderful gold dust. Recently, I also had a taste of some delicious coffee containing gold dust.

In Miami, some retail stores sell clay-based masks with gold dust made in Brazil such as the Martinni Beauty Gold mask. They are so spectacular that a visible difference is shown after being applied for the first time.

Massage: I like classic massage like the Swedish or therapeutic with olive oil. Olive oil is a highly effective healing substance, whereas it rejuvenates the skin and closes any wound. A lymphatic massage is wonderful to purify the skin and relieve swelling. If we want to lose a few pounds, improve our skin and treat cellulitis, our efforts should be ongoing.

I ran across a spa called LBaton Skin Care, where one gets a massage with spectacular wooden rollers and then cold compresses are applied around the body. Paraffin wraps with mud are alternatively applied between 2 -3 times per week to improve your skin and make you slim down quickly. Of course, don't forget to combine the therapies with a good diet, some water and regular exercise.

When doing therapy, it is recommendable to avoid heavy exercise and support our purification process. Consult your trainer if you have any questions.

Constant Hydration: Sometimes we are reluctant to drink the right amount of water every day. Fill up a jar with filtered water and put some lemon, cucumber wedges or mint leaves in it. It tastes great, is refreshing and will help you drain toxins and impurities.

Can't sleep? Exercising, these therapies, and putting up with hot temperatures was too much for you and now you can't sleep? Are you over-stimulated? Try magnesium (250 mg) at night time and this will help you relax and sleep. Some stores sell small envelopes with magnesium that can be placed under the tongue and taste real nice. It's good for the muscles, heart and nerves.

Athina Klioumi de Marturet is an actress, producer, fashionista and philanthropist. Born in Berlin, she supports the Miami Symphony Orchestra, which her husband Eduardo Marturet conducts. A daughter of Greek parents, she has lived all over the world before settling in Caracas, where she started her career as a model and actress. As she puts it: "My soul is Venezuelan!" Her mother is a homeopath, naturulist, and physiotherapist who inspired her to study microbiology and alternative medicine, yoga, meditation, buddhism and the esoteric world. Her articles are a result of her experiences living in different countries and meeting masters, lamas, alternative physicians, gurus and personalities. She writes about health, beauty, love, happyness, astrology and spirituality.

Instagram, twitter and FB @athinamarturet

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