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TalCual: In the Eye of the Storm
Socialism has been on its own during the 21st century; a socialism that is neither socialism nor it has to do with today’s life as we know it, but it has been defined that way by their confidence men.

By TalCual

Almost every week we get some news from Cuba in which the island heads the opposite way from where it has gone over the past 50 years, meaning, moving towards private capital and markets.

Small or big news. Hundreds of thousands public employees are being hired to create a private economic sector, no matter whether it is not big deal for now. Celia Cruz and other abominable counterrevolutionary artists can be listened to on the radio.

Departures from the country are made easier; the entire island was a prison itself just yesterday, or a few Brazilians invest millions of dollars in the Mariel municipality. Prisoners are released due to the holy intervention from the Cardinal and the dream of Internet came true – quite limited and expensive – but came true in the end.

And a big long etcetera.

What we just mentioned is only to prove how lonely the so-called “Socialism of the 21st century” is; a socialism that is neither socialism nor it has to do with today’s life as we know it, but it has been defined that way by their confidence men.

And Cuba, as true as it may sound, is its role model, its fetish, its guide, its biggest “pimp,” its sea of happiness, its Star of Bethlehem, its truest love. It was also the last bastion, at least what is left of it, of that phenomenon of colossal dimension and strength known as communism of the 20th century.

North Korea is the one great communist power left standing, but that Asian monster is like no other.

The King is dead, who at least used to spice up and put tons of energy to the Venezuelan process, not an ideology or efficiency, this once graceful land now looks like a shipwreck, without any ideas or goals, led by mediocre leaders, all amazed by Him since they were kids, he who managed everything, uncouth and impractical people, who seem to know nothing but screaming at and insulting everyone as their fear increase in getting lost in the Sargasso Sea, whose inhabitants are only but ghosts, outlandish creatures and sunken ships.

This economic crisis all Venezuelans are going through, the harshest on record, would have made British economist John Keynes piss his pants if he only were born to fix such disaster.

And they have not figured out what direction to take, all numb and contradictory. With no other ideology than one that is indecent, necrophilic and magical, like the recently departed Boss could save them or at least help them keep part of the people who used to praise him.

What is truly sinister about this situation is that all of us Venezuelans are on the same sinking ship and its fate, one not so promising, will also be ours.

We are convinced that is possible the worst is yet to come and, should there be a healing process, this will be long, very long, to the point that potholes in our streets and roads are getting deeper, inflation is triumphant, criminals are more terrifying than ever and power outages have become invincible.

The entire country must be rebuilt, starting with its dignity and civic morals.

The municipal elections are around the corner. It is a moment that looks important for a guiding light to appear.

In any case, it seems we don’t have much of a choice. So, Venezuelans, ladies and gentleman, let’s make an effort and go vote for that possibility of regeneration of some of the social tissues, let’s get ready now, because we are aware we are in the middle of a tragic situation, just to be reiterative.


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