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Venezuela Opposition Leader Zambrano Quits Dialogue with Maduro Regime

CARACAS -- In a letter in which he expresses that he wants Venezuelans to know his ideas and reasons, Deputy Timoteo Zambrano announces his resignation from the meetings of the Dialogue.

Through this minute the parliamentarian indicates that his "loyalty to my party and the MUD is proof against any infamy. I wish Barboza success, my party coherence and the MUD to take charge of the situation in the country, to act as if it were government, to negotiate without shame, because only then we will be a tangible majority in the country. "

The complete letter:

Caracas January 6, 2018.

I write these lines because silence can not and should not protect impotence or resignation, which seems to take the situation of our country.

I want the Venezuelans to know my ideas and my reasons. Ideas that become arguments, I have been defending coherently for more than two years, within the opposition and in the exercise of my freedom of thought, as a democratic way of doing politics.

In all this time I have not changed.

I have always defended the dialogue, negotiation and agreement between government and opposition, as the viable solution to the crisis in Venezuela and beyond, as the essential way to re-establish a pact of social and political coexistence for our country.

Unfortunately, and despite many efforts, has not yet been achieved and therefore the situation of our country has become worse.

We will only straighten the course of Venezuela when we achieve that great agreement.

Neither the hegemonic pretension or the undemocratic attitudes, nor the denial of reality, hard economic and social reality, nor the eagerness to defeat the government in ways other than those of the polls, nor the sanctions to the country, constitute political alternatives of solution. They are only factors to delve into the pit of our collective misfortune.

History shows that the best products of political action in capital letters, are the result of agreement, the ability to recognize the other and preserve coexistence. That requires the renunciation of hatred and generosity as a moral attitude.

By defending these ideas with coherence, I have been vituperated and reviled as a supposed "collaborationist" with the government. That accusation supports, the main reason why different actors of the MUD, "discouraged" my candidacy for the presidency of the National Assembly.

It was argued that public opinion and social networks would be very critical with my candidacy. By the way, mainly two political organizations, which daily have a decisive influence on these networks and their induced matrices of opinion.

It is curious that they accuse me of having the capacity to dialogue with the government, the same factors and parties, which so often have asked me for this communication with the Chavism in the claim of many topics of interest, certainly almost always for reasonable reasons.

I can not act in one way before the citizens and another one behind the scenes. It seems that others do. I can not seek secret agreements and at that time be an unpolluted radical before the country.

If I defend the dialogue, I do dialogue, -I do it in private and I do it in public-; if I seek peace, I do not appear as a warrior with an eye mask; If I look for coexistence, I will remove the insult. I do not have double standards, nor do I serve to flatter the public thirsting for hard messages. The policy is to give solutions to people and not to push them towards abysses without destiny.

The true leadership is not to deceive, it is not to brag and not to accuse in vain to hide other deficiencies. It's sad to see captains of microphones that look tame in bilateral meetings behind closed doors.

The people of Venezuela deserve another policy, they deserve POLITICS and politicians. We do not need false heroes, nor martyrs, children of the people and victims of non-politics.

A part of leaders of the MUD, have vetoed my candidacy for the presidency of the National Assembly, and the direction of UNT adopted that criterion.

I accept, as a good democrat, the decision made at a table among a few.

My loyalty to my party and the MUD is proof of any infamy. I wish Barboza success, my party coherence and the MUD to take charge of the situation of the country, to act as if it were government, to negotiate without shame, because only then we will be a tangible majority in the country.

Censored as I was, by some of us who sit together, in the delegation for negotiation in the Dominican Republic, I must, for consistency feel censored also in this task and therefore renounce it.

Consistency demands it from me, and so no one will think that a collaborationist sits in the ranks of the opposition. Let's talk clearly and let's stop pantomimes.

I fervently wish an Agreement for Venezuela.

I wish success in the negotiation of the Dominican Republic, Venezuelans deserve it.

Without agreement we will go to the abyss, with agreement we will begin the historical rectification that we need so much.

If my personal situation is because I only believe in La Paz, in civility, because I do not hate any compatriot, because never in the worst situation will I accept more than the way of the polls, because I try to say it resembles what I do , because I assume it with evident sadness.

I wish President Zapatero luck, to whom, on more than one occasion, I have heard him say that things are done to be and not to be recognized by you.

Well, so be it, that we have that AGREEMENT. Let no one make excuses. Or at least that no one says that the blame was on the collaborationists, as some of us who never conceive of politics call us, as an endless confrontation. Yes, I will always be willing to shake hands with my worst adversary and reach an agreement, not yet perfect, rather than promote a battle that destroys us, although it is sure that I will win it.

Thinking of Venezuela, I wanted through this letter, to appeal with humility to the sincerity of the political leadership that Venezuelans deserve.

And also to thank those who have given me their support in these continuous days of transit for the unpopular cause of the negotiation, the agreement and search for a peaceful solution to the crisis of the Homeland, I will not fail you.


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