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TalCual: Decisions that Cannot Wait for the Sake of Venezuela
While the authoritarian chavismo political movement continues to drift for having committed all kinds of outrages, the Opposition has generated a debate on whether or not to participate in regional elections to be held this year

By TalCual

The illegal and fraudulent National Constituent Assembly (ANC) of Nicolás Maduro has already started to persecute dissidents. As was to be expected, its first victim has been the Attorney General of the Republic, Luisa Ortega Díaz. Next on the list are the members of the Parliament (aka National Assembly) that was legally elected in late 2015. Everything that has been announced by the Government before installing the ANC is happening. The headquarters of the Federal Legislative Palace in Caracas have already suffered a night attack from supporters of the chavismo political movement.

Just like criminals do. And this is no coincidence.

During their last meeting, the members of this illegal parapet known as ANC were devoted to praise Maduro, as well as the National Armed Forces, which through the Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino López gave enthusiastic support to this internal coup, which means that all the powers of the read this name carefully, National Assembly¬ are subject to the decision of the ANC.

While the authoritarian chavismo continues to drift for having committed all kinds of outrages, the Opposition has generated a debate on whether or not to participate in regional elections to be held this year. As far as we can see, the overwhelming majority of Venezuela’s political parties have decided to go to elections. Fortunately, today they are not making the same mistake as back in 2005 when they cleared the way for chavismo to win all the seats in the National Assembly.

Of course there are opposition leaders who want to repeat this mistake.

They consider participating in the regional elections an act of treason. Let’s keep in mind that one of the four requirements made by the Opposition since the beginning of the protests in April of this year – and earlier – was to establish an electoral timetable that would be in accordance with the Constitution.

There are those who argue that the Government is not going to hold an election in which will suffer a great defeat.

Or at least not under balanced conditions. That is likely to happen, but as long as the possibility of counting the votes properly exists it is necessary to participate. Not doing so would mean clearing the path for all candidates of chavismo to take the helm of governorships and mayoralties for another four years.

Let us hope that the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) puts forward unique and unitary candidates as a result of a primary election or consensus, who have respect for the natural leadership of each state. This would represent the first step towards a victory that may be overwhelming. A voting process that will make more evident the fraud committed during the ANC election on July 30. A day that will shed light on 8 million votes from chavismo that never existed.

The MUD has a lot of work to do. It has to explain its decision to participate in a new election, because a good part of its supporters are confused and upset. They feel betrayed. It is necessary for the MUD to implement a policy to get them excited again.

Also, the opposition coalition has to be truly unitary and make decisions with the broadest possible consensus. We believe that the so-called G4 (a group of four parties within the MUD comprised of Primero Justicia, Acción Democrática, Voluntad Popular and Un Nuevo Tiempo) must definitely give way to the G9.

This expansion must include other opposition parties outside the MUD today and sectors of chavismo that are breaking away from the Maduro government. It is necessary to build a broad democratic front that will finally put a stop to the dictatorship being established in the country.

As the popular saying goes: tomorrow will be too late.


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