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TalCual: PSUV Lawmaker Warns of Civil War in Venezuela
The warning of civil war in Venezuela by Hugo Carvajal, a lawmaker of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), should be taken seriously by leaders of both political sectors in the country. And he is not just any person who is saying it. He does it responsibly, with moderation and respect for everyone

By TalCual

It is quite serious that someone who, for many years, had served as head of military intelligence services now warns of the possibility of a civil war in Venezuela. His words should call the attention of everyone. It is not just any person who is warning of that possibility. It is an army general who, due to his previous occupation, must know really well the current situation within the National Armed Forces.

The one who gave the warning is Hugo Carvajal, a lawmaker for the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) nicknamed El Pollo (the chicken), a man trusted by the late President Hugo Chávez. He is, too, one of the officials accused by the U.S. government for reported links with drug-trafficking. Faced with such an accusation, Carvajal offered himself to travel to the U.S. in order to clarify the situation.

In an article published on his blog, Carvajal calls the attention of both leaders of the Government and the Opposition so they find a way to get along and avert a graver tragedy than the one Venezuela is going through already. He refuses to accept that the two sides of Venezuela’s political leadership "are able to see the serious mistake that means to remain on a false empowerment when there are Venezuelans dying in the streets every single day."

As military people they are taught about conflicts, but also about solving them, he said. He believes that negotiation, arbitration and mediation have been unsuccessfully used, for which he proposes conciliation as a way to get out of the crisis the country is in. Carvajal assumes that political leaders, from both sides, "are sufficiently prepared to resolve their differences through diplomacy and politics, or at least that is what I want to believe."

This is a text that was not written using the typical language of the PSUV leadership. A few days ago, Carvajal ruined the plan of Nicolás Maduro for involving Gen. Miguel Rodríguez Torres, who was Venezuela’s Interior Minister until 2014, with the CIA when claiming that the document they wanted to use for such accusation was false.

In his article, Carvajal also distances himself from the Constituent Assembly Maduro is promoting. "The country is not in conditions to engage in major political activities, or play the sick game of hate and fear being played by the nation’s political leadership," he said. While this continues happening, there will not be conditions to hold an election of any kind. "At least not until reaching a minimum level of peace and tranquillity that guarantees the holding of an election."

The warning of civil war in Venezuela by Carvajal should be taken seriously by leaders of both political sectors in the country. And he is not just any person who is saying it. He does it responsibly, with moderation and respect for everyone. He is someone who must know the National Armed Forces like the back of his hand. This is a warning that should not be overlooked. His article was entitled "A Call for Good Sense." Let us hope that this call is taken into account by everyone.


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