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TalCual: Was Venezuela’s Minister of Defense Serious about Outrages Committed by Security Forces?
What has been done by police and military officers can be considered state terrorism. Of course, the Ombudsman Tarek William Saab will keep silent as usual in the face of the facts

By TalCual

What happened on Tuesday evening in the buildings known as Los Verdes in El Paraíso, western Caracas, is a pattern that has been repeated in various parts throughout the national territory: the National Guard (GN) or the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) assault buildings and apartments, destroy and steal private property, break windows and slash tires of vehicles parked, attack citizens, violate all kinds of laws and reduce human rights to cosmic dust. This last time they killed pets, too.

What has been done by police and military officers can be considered state terrorism. Of course, the Ombudsman Tarek William Saab will keep silent as usual in the face of the facts.

This type of actions are atrocities as mentioned by Gen. Vladimir Padrino López, the Minister of Defense. Members of the GN and PNB were the ones involved in the events of Tuesday evening. In any case, the PNB is led by generals of the GN, one of the arms of the National Armed Forces (FAN).

After what happened on Tuesday, some questions come to mind for us. Padrino López said last week that he did not want to see any other atrocity committed by members of the GN. It is true that he congratulated the members of that armed component the next day, but his first position leads us to ask him if when he did he was serious about it.

If he did, it must be concluded that a good part of those acting during the brutal repression carried out by the Government in the streets of Venezuela does not follow the orders of Padrino López, who has stated that anyone who violates human rights will be brought to justice.

Of course there is the possibility that the Minister of Defense has said what he said, that he did not want to see any other atrocity, as a simple greeting to the flag, just to play safe. Both possibilities exist. It is a very grave matter that the most important military officer in the country is not being taken seriously by his subordinates, since obedience to their superior is one of the fundamental pillars of the military institution.

If he did it just to “wash his face,” it is also grave, because he is making fun of the majority of Venezuelans who are shocked at the atrocities committed by PNB and GN officers. Padrino López is an officer who has enjoyed prestige within the FAN, to the point that he was supposed to retire three years ago, but the Government has not been able to find another high-ranking military officer enjoying the same recognition and respect as a replacement. With his latest actions he risks losing all his prestige and that everybody sees him as a faithful puppet of the Government.


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