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Tal Cual: Crimes of Hugo Chavez

From the Editors of Tal Cual:

This is not a government, it's a cancer. Nixon was removed from the presidency of the United States for lying. All the power of the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth was useless, given the autonomy and integrity of that country's judiciary.

If Venezuela had worthy people in public office who were half as able to enforce the Constitution as they are at showing adulation for the president, Hugo Chavez would have been removed from office and imprisoned long ago.

This man never stops lying. He manipulates the people, falsifies history, carries out the systematic destruction of democracy, has multiplied the domestic problems of the Venezuelan people, and has involved us in dangerous international alliances with nations and terrorist groups.

Ten years later, the result is a ramshackle country without institutions and the worst corruption in our nation's history, exposing us to international ridicule and discredit.

Confronted by the apparent failure of a government characterized by improvisation, irresponsibility and piracy, and with the well-founded fear that oil prices won't recover to levels that would in any way compensate for the inefficiencies that come along with perks and sinecures, Chavez has decided to turn to military terror.

This man is absolutely incapable of realizing what is going on. In his totalitarian delirium of boycotting democratically-elected governors and mayors, he is shitting on the souls of the citizens that elected them.

Part of his scheme to destroy democratic options includes an end to decentralization as part of a plan to use a deviant centralization to bring the citizens to their knees before the leader.

Chavez has the temerity of the ignorant; he should learn that the most important ports in the world, including Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong, are run by private companies.

To hide the barrage of labor and social disputes resulting from his abysmal administration, cries of war are the order of the day. Now everything is done under the threat of the Armed Forces. It is a time for using military terror as an alibi.

This is intended to terrorize the population and impede them from defending their rights, from opposing violations of the Constitution, from defending their elected officials and from defending the democratic order. The threat is there: “Be careful what you do, or the Armed Forces will shoot you!” Hence his effort to always appear in uniform - a clear signal of his contempt for democracy and his dictatorial intentions.

We don’t accept threats. Democracy must be defended and the Armed Forces, pursuant with the nation's constitution, cannot be used against democracy or as anyone’s personal guard. Here we will defend democracy, the Constitution and the public officials that we elected.

It is Chavez alone who should feel terror.


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