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Carlos Alberto Montaner: Stupidity and Palestine
"Why does the Palestinian leadership reject the peace plan offered by Trump, as it did before with eight American presidents who tried to mediate in the conflict?" asks -- and answers -- Latin American genius Carlos Alberto Montaner.

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

The Palestinian leaders immediately shattered the peace plan presented by Donald Trump. It has been another stupidity committed by the Palestinian leaders. I blame the leaders because I suspect that ordinary Palestinians would have preferred the plan to be accepted in order to face life with some optimism.

As, gloomily, Golda Meir foresaw: “Peace will come when the Palestinians love their children more than they hate us.”

That moment has arrived for the masses, but not for the leaders, who live always willing to fight battles. It will take a long time. It may never come.

This has happened 75 years after the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, a complex of concentration camps nestled in Poland, where the Nazis tortured and killed just over a million people, almost all Jewish. I say “almost” because they also killed gypsies, homosexuals and communists. The latter were exterminated after the end of the alliance between Berlin and Moscow in June 1941, when Hitler attacked his former ally launching the “Operation Barbarossa” (another stupidity, even if it had been fortunate).

The Holocaust was, undoubtedly, the worst of the crimes recorded in human history, and that’s saying a lot, but it was founded on a repeated stupidity that precedes the Nazis two thousand years. It arose in a dark dispute that took place in the synagogues, and then extended when Nicene Christianity (there were other Christianities) became the religion of the Roman Empire at the time of Theodosius, at the end of the fourth century.

Since then, anti-Jewish stupidity, often transformed into criminal acts, never left Europe. Virtually all European nations suffered it, and it came to seize the sick neurons of Adolph Hitler. In Mein Kampf it is very clear: the origin of evil is in “the Jews.” If they were removed, one of the biggest problems would be solved. That is to say, the founder of Nazism believed that a complex ethnic group was responsible for most of the afflictions of the species, and it could only be cured by killing the bearers of malignancy. It was the bloodthirsty sequitur of a colossal stupidity.

Why does the Palestinian leadership reject the peace plan offered by Trump, as it did before with eight American presidents who tried to mediate in the conflict? Because they were born or raised in the rarefied atmosphere of war and intifadas. To negotiate with Israel is usually seen as a kind of betrayal. Testicular reason prevails and there is always a moron willing to kill whoever gives in, as happened in Egypt to Anwar Sadat or in Israel to Isaac Rabin. No leader is willing to admit the obvious — that they lost the wars and they have no choice but to seek a form of transaction.

The novelty of Trump’s proposal, undoubtedly previously examined by Benjamin Netanyahu, is that it does not ask for the dismantling of Jewish homes and businesses established in “Palestinian” territory. It is true that there has never been a Palestinian State, but that does not mean that there is no Arab-Palestinian nation capable of giving birth to a State. That seems good to me, as I find it reassuring that this hypothetical State includes Christians, Arabs and Jews.

If Israel can live with 20% of Palestinians and Christians within its territory, why do Palestinian leaders want to create an ethnically uniform state? There is nothing more dangerous than ethnically uniform states. The Nazis’ delusions prove it.

The great danger that lurks for Israel is not the Palestinian state that may arise in its interior, but the possibility that it is not created, and that the Iranian Ayatollahs, affected by stupidity, continue to use Hamas terrorists against the Jews of Israel and against the Jewish populations of the Western world. As long as peace does not explode, Israel does very well to prepare for combat. Si vis pacem, para bellum, the classics said. If you want peace, prepare for war. They were right.

Carlos Alberto Montaner is a journalist and writer. Born in 1943 in Cuba and exiled, Montaner is known for his more than 25 books and thousands of articles. PODER magazine estimates that more than six million readers have access to his weekly columns throughout Latin America. He is also a political analyst for CNN en Espanol. In 2012, Foreign Policy magazine named Montaner as one of the fifty most influential intellectuals in the Ibero-American world. His latest novel is A Time for Scoundrels. His latest essay is "The President: A Handbook for Voters and the Elected." His latest book is a review of Las raíces torcidas de América Latina (The Twisted Roots of Latin America), published by Planeta and available in Amazon, in printed or digital version.


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