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TalCual: Venezuela’s Maduro – 'I Will Never Fail You'
With these words Nicolás Maduro wrapped up his year-end speech as he awaits the inauguration of his new government on Thursday. Without a doubt, these words will make history for their high sardonic content

By TalCual

And this is how Nicolás Maduro ended his speech to say goodbye to 2018 and to ring in 2019 as President once more. Without a doubt, these words will make history for their high sardonic content.

How is it possible that in this speech the smart-card ID known as the "carnet de la patria," or "fatherland card," was presented as "the solution to overcome the economic challenges Venezuela is facing today"? Here is where Maduro is failing us as Venezuelans, by lying in a cynical way. The country's comprehensive recovery does not depend on this ID card, nor does it depend on placing 16 million Venezuelans under the effect of algorithms and getting through them a little aid money, whose only purpose is political patronage and populism on the part of the Government; this is definitely not the Chinese-style big data scenario from which the country will recover.

Maduro has been failing us for a long time, and one of his main failures is to rip us off with things like the "petro," a hybrid entity that one day is criptocurrency, the next day is a unit of account, the next day is debt, and the next day is whatever he comes up with, and that he presents in the balance of his administration for 2018 as an "instrument for repowering the engines of production and leave behind the oil rentierism." This speech by Maduro is definitely a speech for imbeciles.

Of course that he failed us; because of him the country’s oil production dropped to historical levels, and he had no choice but to blame the mafias that he and the late Hugo Chávez had created. Who appointed Eulogio del Pino as Minister of Oil and President of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA)? Who put the late Nelson Martínez at the helm of the state oil company? It was you, Mr. Maduro. And, as a demonstration that he is a true master of disaster, he put some top military brass at the helm of the oil industry for completing the destruction of the one thing that still produces something in this country.

We know that the main culprit of this tragedy is Chávez, but these figures kill Maduro for sure: In 2012, the production of PDVSA was 2.47 million barrels per day, and today it dropped to 1.23 million barrels per day, let alone the 3.5 million barrels per day that the company produced in the past.

Of course that he failed us; he failed us in democracy; he failed us in mutual understanding; he failed us in civility when there are no political institutions in Venezuela, but illegal ones such as the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), or the Supreme Court of Justice full of criminals serving the interests of Maduro, or the General Attorney’s Office involved in purges of members of the own government; and failed us with an armed forces that is corrupt all the way. But the primary sin is in those 4 million Venezuelans who have left their country in search of quality of life in other lands.

Who should not fail here is the Venezuelan people, those who are still in this country and beyond its borders, so that together we can stop the destruction of the fatherland.


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