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TalCual: The Albán Case and the Shadows of Venezuela’s AG Tarek William Saab
What happened with Fernando Albán was endorsed by the de facto Attorney General, appointed by the Constituent Assembly, Tarek William Saab, who only commented on the issue when he announced the official version that the councilman had committed suicide

By TalCual

Kidnapped, gone missing, who knows what kind of treatment he received, and then all of a sudden he "committed suicide." That was the ordeal that Fernando Albán, a councilman for the Libertador municipality in Caracas, had to cope with since last Friday, when he fell into the hands of agents of Sebin, Venezuela’s political police force, after returning from the U.S., where he accompanied opposition lawmaker Julio Borges in the complaints of human rights violations and disrespect for democracy incurred by the government of Nicolás Maduro.

The latter is no offense against the country, but the alleged attack on Maduro in August serves to justify the unjustifiable, as is the arrest of Albán, where everything was irregular, illegal, and disrespectful according to the Constitution and laws. What happened with the councilman was endorsed by the de facto Attorney General, appointed by the Constituent Assembly, Tarek William Saab, who only commented on the issue when he announced the official version that Albán had committed suicide.

Regrettable and reprehensible the conduct of Saab, who has become a necessary accomplice of all the outrages, excesses, abuses and violations of human rights committed by various police and military corps at the service of Maduro. When he was rumored to be appointed General Attorney a few years ago, he said he did not want the position because it meant becoming a "jailer." The facts have shown that he has no qualms about being a jailer and, possibly, something else as well.

Sebin seems to have become a State within the State. The law and court rulings there are totally disregarded. In its bowels lie two police officers of Chacao, a Caracas municipality, whose release orders were issued by a court more than two years ago, but nobody at Sebin complies. Saab doesn’t do anything about it, nor expresses his opinion on this matter. Also, almost 60 Colombian citizens are in a similar situation. Besides these two recent cases, there were other detainees with release orders that remained in prison and counted on the silence of the "Attorney General."

In the case of Albán, we were assured that attorneys cannot enter the Sebin headquarters because Sebin officers prevent them from doing so, but William Saab had no problems in repeating the version of the police officers without even having started an investigation. He did not even bother to keep up appearances. Impunity makes the officers act that way.

This is the same character that prides himself on being a defender of human rights in the pre-chavismo stage. If he acted back then the way he does now, we don’t even want to imagine the fate of the poor citizens whose rights were violated.

A rigorous investigation of the death of Fernando Albán must be carried out, one that clearly identifies the causes and the responsibility of those in charge of his custody and integrity, and also those who would have been responsible for a possible murder, if it is determined. Even if Albán committed suicide, it is the responsibility of the State to keep him alive. This investigation cannot be carried out by government officials and William Saab is one of them. "I will not let you down" he wrote to Diosdado Cabello, president of the Constituent Assembly, when he was appointed to the position he holds today – and certainly has not let them down.

We doubt the hypothesis of suicide. Citizens who have to cope with the ordeal that means the Sebin police force realize the impossibility of Albán doing away with himself, so we incline towards the possibility of another political crime committed during the government of Nicolás Maduro.


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