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  Top Story
Illegitimate Venezuela Presidential Election Rubberstamps Maduro
According to the CNE, Maduro was re-elected with 5,823,728 votes, while his main opponent, Henri Falcon, received 1,820,552 votes....
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 5/26/2018   American Ex-Prisoner and Wife Fly Back to US after Release by Venezuela
 5/26/2018   Venezuela Oil Price Rises Going into Memorial Day Weekend -- Pulls 2018 Average Above $61
 5/26/2018   US President Announces Venezuela Regime Frees American Joshua Holt after 2 Years Without Trial
 5/25/2018   Venezuela Maduro Regime Anxiety Increases As More Soldiers Rounded Up In Purges
 5/24/2018   Venezuela’s Maduro Orders Soldiers to Swear Loyalty Following Alleged Conspiracy
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 5/26/2018   Head of OAS Mission Urges Colombian Candidates to Avoid Conflict
 5/25/2018   OECD Accepts Colombia as 37th Member
 5/20/2018   Left-Wing Candidate’s Denunciation of Fraud Marks End of Campaign in Colombia
 5/20/2018   Colombian Soldier Looks Back on Time as Combat Photographer in Korean War
 5/18/2018   Colombia, ELN Rebels Name Panel to Negotiate New Ceasefire
 5/25/2018   Mexico, Japan Confirm Commitment to Free Trade
 5/24/2018   Mexican Activist Sues PRI Presidential Candidate over Alleged Smear
 5/24/2018   Measuring Earth’s Temperature by Satellite Helping Mexico Avert Forest Fires
 5/22/2018   Mexican Journalists Protest against Rising Violence
 5/22/2018   Gunman, Baby Die in Gangland Violence in Western Mexico
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 5/26/2018   Truckers Strike Continues While Brazilians Try to Return to Normal
 5/25/2018   Brazil’s Temer Orders Army to Clear Roads of Striking Truckers
 5/24/2018   Brazil Expects Record Coffee Harvest
 5/24/2018   Brazilian Truckers’ Strike Escalates
 5/23/2018   Brazil Truckers Strike Affects Supplies of Key Goods
 5/25/2018   Thousands of Argentines Reject Government’s Turn to IMF
 5/23/2018   Argentine Teachers March to Demand Higher Pay
 5/22/2018   Argentina Transit Union to Strike over Arrests of Members
 5/22/2018   Argentina Streamlines Economic Policymaking amid Talks with IMF
 5/21/2018   Meeting of G20 Foreign Ministers Begins in Buenos Aires
 5/24/2018   Bolivia to Strengthen Small, Mid-Size Firms
 5/23/2018   Low-Income Bolivians Get Vital Surgery Free of Charge
 5/23/2018   Newly-Appointed Bolivian Cardinal Comes from Humble Roots
 5/21/2018   Drilling Begins at Natural Gas Field in Southern Bolivia
 5/18/2018   Mexico to Accept Direct Imports of Quinoa from Bolivia
 5/23/2018   Spain’s Queen Letizia Visits School in Haiti’s Poorest Shantytown
 5/22/2018   First Lady Welcomes Spain’s Queen Letizia to Haiti
 5/22/2018   Queen Letizia Wins Outpouring of Affection at Dominican Banana Cooperative
 5/21/2018   Queen Letizia Visits Dominican Project Improving Access to Drinkable Water
 5/14/2018   Dominican Foreign Minister Pushing for Closer Ties between Mercosur, SICA
  Central America
 5/26/2018   Hundreds of People March to Support the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua
 5/25/2018   Moving Graduation Tribute for University Students Slain in Nicaragua Protests
 5/25/2018   Family of Guatemalan Woman Killed in US Demand Not to Be Treated Like Animals
 5/24/2018   Honduras Aims to Increase Quality of Specialty Coffees with EU Support
 5/24/2018   New Protests, Blockades in Nicaragua after Suspension of Dialogue
 5/25/2018   Piñera Launches Chile Roadmap to Cleaner, More Sustainable Energy
 5/25/2018   Women Students in Chile Lead 1st Feminist Occupation of Catholic University
 5/24/2018   Report Finds Serious Problems in Chilean Children’s Shelters
 5/23/2018   Abuse Victims to Travel to Vatican amid Chilean Church Crisis
 5/23/2018   Chilean Church Suspends 14 Priests for Alleged Child Sexual Abuse
 5/25/2018   Second of Three Cuba Air Disaster Survivors Dies
 5/25/2018   Cuba Retrieves Second Black Box from Havana Plane Crash
 5/24/2018   Calligrapher Offers Personal Tribute to Victims of Cuba Air Disaster
 5/23/2018   Militant Castro Foe Posada Carriles Dies in Miami
 5/23/2018   Cuban City Hardest Hit by Plane Crash Tragedy Weeps for Its 67 Dead
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 5/23/2018   Ecuador Former VP Pursues Appeal of Corruption Conviction
 5/18/2018   Ecuador Withdraws Extra Security from London Embassy Where Assange Lives
 5/16/2018   Ecuador Highlights Close, Multidimensional Relationship with Russia
 5/15/2018   Descendants of Ecuador’s Caranqui Seek to Find Their Roots with Museum
 5/14/2018   Ecuador Reorganizes Military Command on Border with Colombia
 5/25/2018   Paraguay President-Elect Vows to Fight Corruption, Impunity
 5/24/2018   Paraguay Apologizes for Stroessner-Era Disappearances
 5/22/2018   Paraguay’s Outgoing President Believes Successor Will Keep Embassy in Jerusalem
 5/21/2018   Paraguay’s President Opens Embassy to Israel in Jerusalem
 5/18/2018   Paraguay, Brazil Seek New Paths to Integration with 4 New Bridges
 5/3/2018   Myths, Ignorance Contribute to High Incidence of Asthma in Peru
 5/2/2018   Peru PM Announces Steps to Expedite Coastal Reconstruction
 4/30/2018   Humala and His Wife Are Released after Spending Nine Months in Prison
 4/26/2018   Peru Expects 8% Growth in Textile and Apparel Exports in 2018
 4/26/2018   Peru Court Orders Ex-President, Wife Freed from Pre-Trial Detention
 5/17/2018   Uruguay to Offer Cuts in Electricity Rates to Exporters
 5/15/2018   Group Praises Uruguay’s Effort to Strengthen Cities
 5/14/2018   FAO Praises Uruguay’s Approach to the Use of Pesticides
 5/13/2018   Uruguay Carves Niche as Latin America’s No. 1 Caviar Exporter
 5/4/2018   Uruguay Looks to Intensify Emphasis on Ecotourism
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 5/25/2018   Expert: Garment Industry Contributes to Water Pollution in Peru, Brazil
 5/25/2018   South Korea to Launch Free Trade Agreement Negotiations with Mercosur
 5/10/2018   Contactless Payment: New Technology to Reduce Use of Cash in Latin America
 5/8/2018   Training Ships Arrive in Chile during Sails Latin America 2018 Regatta
 5/8/2018   Activists Denounce Violence against LGBT Inmates in the Americas
 5/26/2018   Trump Now Claims He’s Working to Meet with Kim on June 12
 5/26/2018   Kim Jong-un Expresses His Willingness to Meet with Donald Trump
 5/26/2018   Seoul Welcomes Renewed Prospect of US-North Korea Talks
 5/26/2018   Trump Says If He Meets Kim Jong-un, It’ll Probably Be on June 12
 5/25/2018   Trump Says US-North Korea Summit May Still Take Place on June 12
  World (Click here for more)
 5/26/2018   Moon Proposes a Summit with Kim and Trump to Formally End the Korean War
 5/26/2018   Israel Attacks Hamas Positions in Southern Gaza
 5/26/2018   Russia, Japan Agree to Work Together on Projects in Disputed Kuril Islands
 5/26/2018   Tens of Thousands Protests in France against Macron’s Policies
 5/26/2018   Ireland Votes Overwhelmingly to Overturn Abortion Ban
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 5/26/2018   Battle Brews in China between Local Coffee Chain, Starbucks
 5/25/2018   Fiat Chrysler Recalls Nearly 5 Million US Vehicles for Cruise Control Glitch
 5/25/2018   Commissioner Malmström: EU Concerned about Threat of New US Tariffs
 5/25/2018   Samsung to Pay $539 Million to Apple over Patent Infringement
 5/25/2018   US Secretary of Commerce to Continue Tariff Talks with China in June
  Oil & Energy (Click here for more)
 5/25/2018   Mexican Expert Warns of Renewable Energy Limitations
 5/25/2018   Deripaska Quits Rusal Board as Metals Giant Looks for US Sanctions Relief
 5/25/2018   OPEC Crude Basket Remains over $76
 5/24/2018   Russia’s Gazprom Settles Multiyear Antitrust Case with European Union
 5/24/2018   OPEC Crude Basket Drops under $77
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 5/21/2018   Carlos Alberto Montaner: The Story of Maurín
 5/21/2018   Beatrice Rangel: The Camembert Revolution
 5/13/2018   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Why Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro Will Not Hand Over Power
 5/7/2018   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Why Israelis Succeed and Arabs Fail
 5/7/2018   Beatrice Rangel: Contemporary Cuba Through Yoani Sanchez's Eyes
  Sports (Click here for more)
 5/26/2018   Mohamed Salah Could Still Play in World Cup
 5/26/2018   Real Madrid Beats Liverpool, Wins Third Straight Champions League Title
 5/26/2018   Teacher from Indigenous Region in Panama to Referee in Russia World Cup
 5/26/2018   Japanese Women Capture Badminton’s Uber Cup, Ending 37-Year Drought
 5/26/2018   Panama’s Tejada Confirms He’ll Retire from National Team after World Cup
  Arts & Entertainment
 5/25/2018   Weinstein Pleads Not Guilty to Rape, Sexual Assault
 5/25/2018   Artworks by Rivals Constable, Turner Exhibited Side-by-Side in UK
 5/25/2018   China to Create a 3D Digital Version of Famous Terracotta Army
 5/24/2018   Eight Women Accuse Actor Morgan Freeman of Improper Conduct
 5/24/2018   Colombia’s Yatra: Insults Not Necessary to Succeed in Music Business
  Science, Nature & Technology
 5/26/2018   The Wolf and the Bear: Two Iconic Animals with Disparate Reputations in Spain
 5/26/2018   The Bears and the Bees: Spain’s Largest Carnivore on the Move
 5/26/2018   Number of Confirmed Ebola Deaths in DR Congo Rises to 10
 5/26/2018   Malaysia’s Second Baby Panda Makes Public Debut
 5/25/2018   Volunteers Rid Kenyan Slum of Plastic Waste in Environmental Clean-Up Effort
  Society (Click here for more)
 5/21/2018   Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Share 3 Photographs of Their Wedding
 5/20/2018   UK, Windsor Back to Normal after Wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry
 5/19/2018   UK Wedding of Prince Harry to Megan Markle Notable for Those Present, Absent
 5/19/2018   Meghan Markle Reveals Wedding Dress by UK Designer Claire Waight Keller
 5/19/2018   UK’s Prince Harry Marries Meghan Markle at Wedding Ceremony in Windsor Castle
  Job Openings in the Americas
 10/14/2017   Research Analyst - Latin America Upstream - Wood Mackenzie
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands

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