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  Top Story
Venezuela Blasts ‘Unfounded’ US Charges against Maduro
Foreign minister Jorge Arreaza said “Venezuela denounces … a new type of coup d’état on the basis of vile, vulgar and unfounded accusations designed to minimize the high regard Venezuela enjoys in the fight against drug trafficking”...
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 3/31/2020   Venezuela's Guaido to Maduro: "Take the Offer" (VIDEO)
 3/26/2020   US Charges Venezuela's Maduro, 14 Other Officials with Narco-Terrorism, Corruption, Drug Trafficking
 3/25/2020   Venezuela Regime Militarizes Caracas
 3/23/2020   Coronavirus Figures: A New Crisis in Venezuela
 3/21/2020   Water Shortage Challenges Caracas Quarantine Rules
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 3/21/2020   Colombian President Orders 19-Day Mandatory Lockdown
 3/15/2020   Colombian Prosecutor Recovers Audios of President in Alleged Vote-Buying
 3/7/2020   Colombian Rebel-Turned-Stateswoman Sees Progress against Patriarchy
 3/6/2020   Colombia Struggling amid Unheeded Lessons of 30-Year-Old Rebel Demobilization
 3/5/2020   Red Cross Warns of Resurgence in Violence in Colombia in 2019
 4/1/2020   Mexican Women Opting to Give Birth at Home due to COVID-19 Fears
 3/28/2020   In Mexico, Women Shoulder Most of the Load from COVID-19 Crisis
 3/28/2020   Endangered Animals Sighted in Mexican Caribbean, Deserted due to COVID-19
 3/26/2020   Feature Story on Italian Woman during Lockdown Eases Son’s Concerns in Mexico
 3/25/2020   Prevalence of Chronic Illnesses Makes Mexicans More Vulnerable to COVID-19
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 4/1/2020   Brazil’s Bolsonaro Again Attacks Containment after Calling COVID-19 a Crisis
 4/1/2020   Brazil’s Biggest Research Center Builds Hospital for COVID-19
 4/1/2020   After Twitter, Facebook Removes Bolsonaro Videos for ‘Misinformation’
 3/30/2020   Homeless to Be Sheltered at Rio’s Sambadrome amid COVID-19 Pandemic
 3/30/2020   Twitter Deletes Videos of Bolsonaro’s Visit to Brasilia
 3/20/2020   Mothers Leave Plaza de Mayo Empty for the First Time in 43 Years
 3/14/2020   COVID-19 Forces Argentines to Reconsider Mate Ritual
 2/27/2020   Activists in Buenos Aires Call for Ban on Killer Robots
 1/31/2020   A Meeting of Argentines, Francis Welcomes Fernandez to the Vatican
 1/21/2020   Food Cards Distributed in Argentina to Tackle Hunger
 3/27/2020   Coronavirus Characters Help Bolivian Police Raise COVID-19 Awareness
 3/6/2020   Bolivia’s Morales Cites Studies to Blast OAS Claim of Election Fraud
 2/13/2020   Bolivian Says Lengthy House Arrest Was Punishment for Capturing “Che” Guevara
 2/10/2020   Former Bolivian President Evo Morales Travels to Cuba for Health Reasons
 2/5/2020   Bolivian Initiative Combats Hunger by Tackling Food Loss, Waste
 3/24/2020   Drive-Through Covid-19 Testing Station Helping Battle Virus In Puerto Rico
 3/15/2020   Dominicans Head to Polls for Rescheduled Municipal Elections
 2/27/2020   When Peace Brings Violence
 2/25/2020   Protests Follow a Day after Shooting between Haiti Military, Police
 2/24/2020   Haitian Police, Military Turn Capital into War Zone
  Central America
 3/29/2020   Panama to Allow Coronavirus-Hit Cruiseliner Through Canal
 2/10/2020   Salvadoran Judges Rebuke President for Bringing Troops into Congress
 2/6/2020   How Panamanian Coffee Became an International Luxury Brand
 1/31/2020   Panama Touts Success In Reducing Deforestation
 1/29/2020   Reporter Quit Job To Rescue Ancestral Medicinal Plants At Nicaraguan Nursery
 3/28/2020   Puma Found Roaming Chilean Capital during COVID-19 Curfew Returns to Andes
 3/19/2020   Chile Puts Off Vote on Constitutional Convention due to COVID-19
 3/14/2020   Troublesome Week in Chile Culminates with Santiago Protest
 2/18/2020   Government: Blaze Near National Park Is One of Chile’s Biggest-Ever Fires
 2/15/2020   Thousands Mark Valentine’s Day with Anti-Government Protest in Chile Capital
 4/1/2020   US Embargo Preventing Sending of Masks, COVID-19 Test Kits to Cuba
 3/27/2020   Cuban Medical Professionals In Demand During Coronavirus Crisis
 3/24/2020   Thousands of Foreign Tourists Leaving Cuba before Border Closure
 3/19/2020   Evacuation of British Cruise Ship with 5 COVID-19 Cases Starts in Cuba
 3/13/2020   Cuba Has Enough Antivirals to Help Other Countries Treat Coronavirus
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 4/1/2020   Pain in Guayaquil Compounding amid Impossibility of Burying Coronavirus Dead
 3/17/2020   In Ecuador’s Capital, Coronavirus Threatens Street Vendors
 3/10/2020   EU, UN Launch Anti-Gender Violence Initiative in Ecuador
 2/26/2020   Four-Day Ecuador Carnival Leaves 55 Dead, 171 Injured
 2/23/2020   Ecuadorian City Aims to Be Garden of World after 1949 Devastation
 2/1/2020   Paraguayan Artisans Strive to Preserve Traditional 60-Striped Poncho
 12/24/2019   Storytellers Bring Christmas Cheer to Pediatric Hospital in Paraguay
 12/13/2019   Abandoned Jaguar Cub Brings Hope of Reproduction for Big Cats in Paraguay
 10/10/2019   Taiwan Plans to Expand Orchid Industry in Paraguay
 9/24/2019   Fires Threaten Delicate Ecosystem in Paraguay
 3/27/2020   Birds Reclaim Lima Beaches Amid Absence Of Humans
 3/19/2020   Former Peru President to Be Released from Jail amid COVID-19 Pandemic
 3/8/2020   Protesters March to Seek Justice for Women Victims of Abuse in Peru
 2/16/2020   Kiss-In Protest Held in Peru Capital against LGBT Discrimination
 2/7/2020   Traffic App Aims to Improve Lima’s Roads, 2nd Worst in Latin America
 3/1/2020   Lacalle Touts Political, Economic, Security Change in Uruguay at Inauguration
 3/1/2020   Uruguay’s New President Brings Historic Name to Modern Age
 2/6/2020   Coronavirus Poses New Threat to Uruguay’s All-Important Beef Industry
 1/13/2020   Food, Supplies, Fuel Being Sent to Antarctica on Uruguayan Ship
 1/10/2020   Uruguay’s River Honey, the Bee’s Knees
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 3/29/2020   Two Latin American Rum Empires Join Forces against COVID-19
 3/27/2020   Prisoners Across Latin America At Heightened Risk Amid Covid-19 Pandemic
 3/22/2020   Rising Number of COVID-19 Cases Throughout Latin America
 3/22/2020   China’s Alibaba to Send Masks, Testing Kits to Latin America
 3/21/2020   OAS Chief Luis Almagro Elected to New Five-Year Term
 4/1/2020   US Coronavirus Cases Top 200,000, Death Toll Approaches 5,000
 4/1/2020   In the US, Intentional Coughing Can Be Considered a Terrorist Threat
 4/1/2020   Trump Warns of ‘Very Painful’ 2 Weeks as US COVID-19 Deaths Could Hit 100,000
 4/1/2020   Deemed Essential by US Government, Farmworkers Say Coronavirus Protections Lacking
 4/1/2020   New COVID-19 Infections in New York State Jump 14%
  World (Click here for more)
 4/1/2020   Southern Italy Fears Coronavirus Lockdown Will Spur Rise in Mafia Activity
 4/1/2020   Eight Civilians Killed in Roadside Explosion in Southwestern Afghanistan
 4/1/2020   Philippines Repatriates 4,000 Sailors Stuck Overseas
 4/1/2020   1,600 Bahraini Pilgrims Stranded in Iran amid Coronavirus Pandemic
 4/1/2020   Life Under Lockdown: Shades of India’s Social Bias amid COVID-19 Fears
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 4/1/2020   T-Mobile, Sprint Complete Mega-Merger
 4/1/2020   EU Pledges Support, Solidarity to Crisis-Hit Nations
 4/1/2020   Coronavirus Casts Shadow on South Korean Exports
 4/1/2020   UN Calls for Multilateral COVID-19 Response Totaling 10% of World GDP
 3/31/2020   From Serving to Being Served, Plight of US Restaurant Workers amid Pandemic
  Oil, Mining & Energy (Click here for more)
 4/1/2020   Iraq’s Oil Income Falls by 40% in March amid Coronavirus Crisis
 3/30/2020   Saudi Arabia to Boost Oil Exports as Prices Plunge to Record Lows
 3/22/2020   Saudi Arabia, Between Resistance to Low Price and Coronavirus Fight
 3/17/2020   Saudi Arabia to Increase Oil Exports to over 10 Million BPD
 3/15/2020   Saudi Aramco Reports 20.6% Drop in 2019 Profit
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 3/30/2020   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Looking for One or More Venezuelan Patriots
 3/30/2020   Beatrice Rangel: Popping the Party
 3/24/2020   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Globalism and Nationalism - Put the Planet First
 3/24/2020   Beatrice Rangel: Are We Shutting Ourselves??
 3/16/2020   Carlos Alberto Montaner: Cuba and the Era of Lezama Lima
  Sports (Click here for more)
 4/1/2020   FIFA Confirms Plans to Aid Coronavirus-Battered Global Soccer Community
 3/30/2020   Tokyo Olympics to Kick Off on July 23, 2021
 3/30/2020   Australian Man Says He Completed Marathon in His Flat during Confinement
 3/28/2020   Dubai Couple Runs Marathon on Their Balcony
 3/27/2020   Virus Affecting Young, Fit People Too, US Official Fauci Tells NBA Star Curry
  Arts & Entertainment
 4/1/2020   Hard-Hit Music Industry, 1 of the Most Generous Sectors during Pandemic
 3/30/2020   Anthony Daniels, the Soul of C-3PO: Star Wars is a Refuge in These Times
 3/30/2020   Van Gogh Painting Stolen from Singer Museum
 3/27/2020   Rihanna Drops New Track With PartyNextDoor: Is R9 Album On The Horizon?
 3/27/2020   Great Wall Of China Reopens With Thin Footfall, Amid Strict Measures
  Science, Nature & Technology
 4/1/2020   A Thousand Sailors Evacuated from US Aircraft Carrier due to COVID-19
 4/1/2020   Italy to Extend Coronavirus Lockdown Measures to April 13
 4/1/2020   UK Registers Record 563 Coronavirus Deaths in One Day
 4/1/2020   UN Chief: Post-Coronavirus World Will Be Even More Digital
 4/1/2020   Many in Wuhan Don’t Trust Official Coronavirus Death Toll
  Society (Click here for more)
 3/31/2020   Harry and Meghan Share Farewell Message as They Start New Life
 3/25/2020   UK’s Prince Charles Tests Positive for Coronavirus
 3/19/2020   Monaco’s Albert II Becomes 1st Head of State to Test Positive for COVID-19
 3/15/2020   Spain’s Felipe VI Renounces Inheritance from His Father
 3/11/2020   King of Spain Journalism Awards Postponed as Preventive Coronavirus Measure
  Job Openings in the Americas
 4/16/2019   Deputy Director and Senior Fellow - Americas Program - CSIS
 10/14/2017   Research Analyst - Latin America Upstream - Wood Mackenzie
 4/18/2017   Job Opportunity: Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program Director at Inter-American Dialogue
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador

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