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  Top Story
Venezuelan Opposition Asks Start of Stage 2 of Presidential Recall
The opposition said that after several ruling-party spokespersons and officials of the CNE elections board acknowledged that the first stage of the recall process was completed, there is no reason to wait for the lapse established by law before proceeding to the next step...
More details
  Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 6/27/2016   Venezuelan Parliament Chief: Maduro Government is on “Advance Notice”
 6/27/2016   TalCual: The Discreet Charm of Dialogue, Street Actions in Venezuela
 6/26/2016   Venezuelan Opposition Confirms That Maduro Recall Process Can Start
 6/25/2016   Venezuela Oil Price Back Above $40
 6/24/2016   Venezuela Opposition Says it Successfully Validates Enough Signatures in Every State for Recall Referendum
  Colombia (Click here for more)
 6/24/2016   Colombia Rebels Say Peace Pact Should Be Signed in Cuba
 6/23/2016   Colombians Place Wreaths at Monuments to Celebrate Cease-Fire with Rebels
 6/23/2016   Colombian President, Rebel Chief Sign Cease-Fire
 6/23/2016   Former Argentine President Congratulates Colombia on Cease-Fire Agreement
 6/22/2016   Colombia, FARC Reach Agreement on Bilateral Cease-Fire
 6/29/2016   Teachers Vow to Intensify Protests in Southern Mexico
 6/28/2016   AI: Sexual Violence Is Routine among Mexican Security Forces
 6/28/2016   Canada, Mexico Sign Accords to Seal Relauch of Relations
 6/28/2016   Source of Original Popcorn Rescued from Extinction in Mexico
 6/28/2016   El Universal, a Century-Old Witness to Mexican History
  Brazil (Click here for more)
 6/29/2016   Body Parts Wash Up near Olympic Volleyball Venue on Rio Beach
 6/29/2016   Former Miss Brazil Found Dead Inside Her Apartment
 6/27/2016   Hundreds of Brazilian Police Bid Farewell to Slain Comrade
 6/24/2016   Three Killed as Brazilian Cops Scramble to Catch Escaped Kingpin
 6/23/2016   Former Ministers Detained in Brazil’s Petrobras Corruption Case
 6/29/2016   Macri Meets with Family of Murdered Boy Recognized by NASA
 6/28/2016   Argentina Rescues 5 People Left Stranded in the Andes by Storm
 6/23/2016   Argentina’s President Unveils Election Reform Bill
 6/21/2016   Perez Corradi Fights Extradition, Doesn’t Trust Argentine Justice System
 6/20/2016   On Argentine Flag Day, Macri Renews Commitment to “Change”
 6/29/2016   Nine Injured, 29 Arrested on 1st Day of Union Protests in Bolivia
 6/21/2016   Bolivia’s Indians Celebrate New Year 5524
 6/12/2016   Bolivia’s President Released from Hospital
 6/7/2016   Bolivia to File Counter-Suit against Chile over Silala River Dispute
 6/2/2016   Former Uruguayan President Visits Bolivia
 6/28/2016   Puerto Rico Gubernatorial Candidates Ready to Cooperate with Federal Board
 6/27/2016   Puerto Rico Government Says It Won’t Be Able to Make July 1 Partial Debt Payment
 6/26/2016   Thousands in Puerto Rico Remember Orlando Massacre Victims in Gay Pride March
 6/25/2016   Puerto Rico Government Prepares for Next Non-Payment of Debt
 6/18/2016   Puerto Rico Independence Movement Awaits UN Visit, Demands Decolonization
  Central America
 6/28/2016   Tokyo Exhibition Shows Widening of the Panama Canal in Pictures
 6/27/2016   Panamanian Neopanamax Cargo Vessel Opens Regular Traffic through Expanded Canal
 6/27/2016   Panamanians Celebrate Canal Expansion and Success of their Idiosyncrasy
 6/26/2016   Chinese Vessel Begins Inaugural Voyage through Expanded Panama Canal
 6/25/2016   Spain’s King Juan Carlos Arrives in Panama for Canal Expansion Inauguration
 6/29/2016   Chile Adds Warning Labels for Unhealthy Food Ingredients
 6/27/2016   U.S. Jury Convicts Chilean Officer for Victor Jara’s Murder
 6/23/2016   Student March in Chile Marred by Clashes with Police
 6/13/2016   Chilean Faces U.S. Civil Trial for Victor Jara’s Murder
 6/11/2016   Chile Is “Sick” from the Lack of a Pluralistic Press, Journalist Says
 6/29/2016   US Hotel Giant Starwood begins to Operate in Cuba for First Time since 1959
 6/28/2016   First Hotel Managed by U.S. Chain since 1959 Opens in Cuba
 6/27/2016   Cuban, Portuguese Foreign Ministers Meet to Forge Closer Ties
 6/27/2016   Cuba Gives Green Light to MasterCard at Havana ATMs
 6/20/2016   Baracoa, “Where Cuba Begins,” Seeks Tourists
  Ecuador (Click here for more)
 6/29/2016   Ecuador to Review Ties with Brazil If Rousseff Ousted
 6/26/2016   The Sun is God for Andean Indians, Who Celebrate the Solstice with Thanks
 6/20/2016   London Refuses to Cooperate with Ecuador until Assange Case is Resolved
 6/9/2016   Ecuador Awaits Chevron's Response on Order to Pay $96 Million
 6/1/2016   Rebuilding after Deadly Ecuador Quake to Cost at Least $3.3 Billion
 6/28/2016   Kuczynski Promises Social Revolution in Peru
 6/17/2016   Peru First Lady Denounces Court-Ordered Travel Ban
 6/10/2016   Keiko Fujimori Concedes Defeat in Peru Elections
 6/10/2016   Kuczynski Puts Finishing Touch to Long Career with Virtual Victory in Peru
 6/9/2016   Peru’s Kuczynski Sounds Conciliatory Note after Narrow Election Win
 6/29/2016   Uruguayan Workers March for Higher Pay, More Social Spending
 6/25/2016   Art Makes Uruguay’s Homeless No Longer Invisible
 6/21/2016   Uruguay Hosts Regional Forum on Youth
 6/21/2016   Uruguay Orchestra, the Oldest in South America, Celebrates 85th Birthday
 6/19/2016   Uruguay Eager to Shift toward Freer Trade with China, Senior Official Says
  Latin America (Click here for more)
 6/29/2016   EU Nations Urged to Work with Latin America’s Pacific Alliance
 6/29/2016   Taiwan Signs Aviation Pact with Paraguay
 6/29/2016   Peace in Taiwan Strait is Important for Regional Security, Tsai Says
 6/28/2016   Paraguay President Wants Taiwan Taking Part in International Organizations
 6/28/2016   Latin America Media Association Seeks to Join Forces against Press Attacks
 6/29/2016   Michelle Obama Returns to Spain Seeking Support for Girls’ Education
 6/28/2016   Benghazi Report Provides No New Fodder for Attacks on Clinton
 6/28/2016   U.S. Women Celebrate Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion Rights
 6/27/2016   Kerry Asks EU States “Not to Lose Their Head,” Urges Responsible Transition
 6/27/2016   Clinton, Warren Campaign Together for 1st Time
  World (Click here for more)
 6/29/2016   Data Confirm Presence of Smoke aboard Crashed EgyptAir Plane
 6/29/2016   Palestinian Officials Believe It Is Time to Promote Two-State Solution
 6/29/2016   Polls Suggest Socialists Won Mongolian Elections
 6/29/2016   EU Says UK Must Agree to Four Freedoms to Gain Access to Single Market
 6/29/2016   Nazarbayev Calls Kazakhstan’s Election to Security Council “Historic Victory”
  Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 6/29/2016   NAFTA Members Tout Their Partnership as Example against Protectionism
 6/29/2016   Ikea Pulls 29 Million Furniture Pieces off Market after 6 Children Are Crushed
 6/29/2016   Spain CPI Dives 0.8% in June due to Fuel, Electricity Prices
 6/29/2016   Vodafone Warns It May Leave London after Brexit
 6/29/2016   Samsung Shipbuilders in South Korea Mull Strike amid Company Overhaul
  Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 6/29/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $44.46
 6/28/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $44.32
 6/27/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $44.88
 6/24/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Drops to $46.16
 6/23/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $46.46
  Opinion (Click here for more)
 6/26/2016   Beatrice Rangel: As the World Goes Latin, Latin America Gets Logical
 6/20/2016   Beatrice Rangel: On the Difficulties of Fighting Barbarism in Latin America
 6/12/2016   Beatrice Rangel: The Impending Age of Housekeeping!!!!
 6/5/2016   Beatrice Rangel: What Happened to All Those Rosy Forecasts for Latin America?
 6/5/2016   Michael Rowan: Getting the Story Right in Venezuela
  Sports (Click here for more)
 6/29/2016   Federer Ends Willis’s Incredible Wimbledon Run
 6/29/2016   Enrique Cerezo Says Torres’s Renewal Pending Few Details
 6/29/2016   Bayern Munich to Open New Bundesliga Season against Werder Bremen
 6/29/2016   Brazilian Hopes for Olympic Gold Ride on Neymar, Costa
 6/29/2016   Red Bull Renews Carlos Sainz with Toro Rosso for 2017
  Arts & Entertainment
 6/29/2016   “Marco Polo,” between East and West in Second Netflix Season
 6/29/2016   Quilapayun Plays 1st Concert in Madrid in 20 Years
 6/29/2016   Photo Exhibit on Mexico City Transportation Inaugurated in Moscow
 6/29/2016   Hundreds Pay Tribute to Actor Bud Spencer in Rome
 6/29/2016   Web Users Select “Piece of the Month” for Egyptian Museum
  Science, Nature & Technology
 6/29/2016   Hawking: We Won’t Survive Another 1,000 Years Without Escaping Earth
 6/29/2016   Zika Vaccine Tests May Start Next Year, Argentine Biochemist Says
 6/29/2016   China Replaces Internet Censorship Chief
 6/29/2016   Fur Seal Pup 'Elvis' Returns to Wild after Two Weeks of Rehab
 6/29/2016   Australia's Only Specialized Frog Hospital at Risk of Shutdown
  Society (Click here for more)
 6/22/2016   UN Efforts on Climate Change Awarded Princess of Asturias Prize
 6/15/2016   Duke of Cambridge Appears on Cover of Gay Magazine Attitude
 6/13/2016   As, EFE, Hola Honored with Ponce de Leon Awards
 6/13/2016   Thailand's King Bhumibol Recovers after Heart Operation
 6/11/2016   Queen Elizabeth II Honors Rod Stewart, Tim Peake on her 90th Birthday
  Job Openings in the Americas
 2/24/2016   US Attorney in Colombia
 2/23/2016   US Attorney in El Salvador
 2/13/2016   US Attorney for the Virgin Islands
 8/14/2015   US Attorney in El Salvador
 6/8/2015   Kazakhstan Announces Contest for Foreign Journalists

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